Ag Literacy

No Vacation for Education

Ag Literacy teaches children where their food comes from. As much as we hate to say it, summer is quickly coming to a close. School is back in session which means bedtime routines return, daily schedules reappear, and summer days become memories. As much as we adults say that summer went way too fast, more

The Shape of Agriculture

Teachers connect ag to social lessons Twenty area teachers started their summer break back in the classroom—the Center for Agriculture auditorium, that is—as they participated in Farm Bureau’s 19th Summer Ag Institute (SAI). The theme for this year’s course, “Teaching Social Studies through Agriculture,” was designed to help teachers explore ways to more

A Place(mat) for Agriculture at the Table

You sit down to eat in a local restaurant. On the table in front of you is a brightly-colored placemat illustrating connections between food and farms. You examine the drawing and marvel at the artist’s knowledge and creativity. If this has happened to you, you’re one of several thousand people who more

DeKalb Students Experience Ag History Expo

DeKalb County has a history as rich as its soil. From barbed wire to the winged ear, DeKalb County history revolves around agriculture. There is no better way to teach students about local history than to give them a hands-on approach to inventions and innovations that shaped our county. Nearly 600 more

Birth of New Knowledge

It was a busy day at the Adams farm. Three busloads of elementary kids were scheduled to visit, and two pregnant cows were due to calve. On a chilly day in April, Alan and JoAnn Adams, their sons Ross and Jeremiah, and daughter-in-law Jessie welcomed to their farm six classes of more

Out of the Field & Into the Classroom

In February, over 3,000 first through fourth grade students experienced agriculture within their own classrooms as part of the Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) presentations. Thanks to over 100 volunteers from throughout DeKalb County, these students learned about corn, cows, and so much more! AITC offers different agriculture lessons tailored to more

What’s that THING?

Planter plates Planter plates or seed plates are an integral part of row crop planters, especially for corn. They are round plates or disks with indentations, slots, or holes evenly spaced around their outer edge. White plater plate - current   International planter plate - 1960s   John Deere planter plate - 1940s   Each row unit of a more

What’s that Thing?

Grease Gun Most kinds of machinery with moving parts need grease for lubrication. Machinery needing grease require a special tool to get the grease exactly where it’s supposed to go. Thus, the grease gun.   What is grease? Grease consists of oil combined with a substance which makes it thicker, such as lithium. Grease more

What’s in there?

BARNS Old barns are often like giant treasure chests: full of intriguing items and construction details that are hints of times gone by. Here are a few details you might see in old barns found locally. Hayloft or haymow - Many old barns were designed to store hay or straw in an more