Farm Facts

DeKalb County Ag by the Numbers – Where’s the Beef?

Beef cattle are raised locally in feedlots and on farms. Market cattle are fed in feedlots and sold for meat consumption. Smaller cow-calf herds are raised on farms for breeding, show cattle, and for meat. There are 33,000 beef animals marketed annually in DeKalb County.

The New Farm Bill – A Food Security Program

The 2018 Farm Bill isn't just for farmers. It's for urban, suburban and rural America. About every four to five years a new Farm Bill is adopted. Most think it’s primarily for farmers but in all actuality it impacts more than just two percent of the farm population. The Farm Bill more

DeKalb County Ag by the Numbers – Pine Cones

More Than Décor Pine cones are common household décor this time of year. We tend to call all cones “pine” but they are actually different for every type of evergreen tree… spruce cones, fir cones, etc. The cones grow on evergreens to protect the tree’s seeds within their scaly, wood exterior. more

What’s in there? – Hog Building

DeKalb County is one of the leading pork-producing counties in Illinois. But if you drive around the county, chances are you won’t see any pigs. Where are they? Pigs need shelter. Most pigs are raised in specially-designed buildings. Outside features From the outside, a modern hog building looks like a long, low shed. more

Farm & Food Talk – Healthy Goals After the Holidays

As we ring in the New Year, many of us set goals and make resolutions. This could be losing weight, exercising more, spending more time with family – the list goes on and on. One of the most common of these goals involves our health and, more specifically, our weight. Diet more

DeKalb County Ag by the Numbers – Farmers Work in Acres, Not Hours

Fall harvest is complete after farmers worked endless hours to produce our food. They gave up meals with their families so we can have meals with ours! Every year a single farmer produces enough food to feed 158 people. This holiday season, spend a moment thanking one of the 900 farmers more

Fertilizing Farm Fields in the Fall

After harvest, farmers apply fall fertilizer to improve soil health for next year’s crop. Before farmers can apply fertilizer they must determine what nutrients are needed. Soil samples are taken to measure phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and pH levels. Balanced soil pH is necessary for obtaining the most from soil fertility. Today, more

Farm & Food Talk

Why are some animals raised indoors and others outdoors? Raising animals indoors or outdoors is a choice that farmers and ranchers make based on what is best for them and their animals. Some farmers choose indoor housing to protect animals from weather, disease and predators. An indoor environment can also ensure that more

What is That? – Combine

A combine is used to harvest corn, soybeans, and other grains. The combine earned its name because it “combines” many functions that happen at the same time. As it moves across a field, a combine cuts each plant, removes the grains, and gathers them into the combine’s grain tank. Unneeded material more

What is That? – Grain Legs

When you visit a tall building, you might use the elevator. You get on at the ground floor, the elevator car lifts you to the correct floor, and you get off. Grain legs are elevators used to lift grain up and into grain bins. When harvested grain is brought to the more