Farm Facts

DeKalb County Ag by the Numbers – What’s in a Pod?

On average, there are 3 beans in a soybean pod. The development of those beans in the pod is happening right now in soybean fields across DeKalb County. It’s called, pod fill, which means the soybean is growing and filling the pod space. This happens during the month of August, after more

Pondering Pollinators

In the mid 1800’s, Illinois was discovered as an incredible landscape for those who wished to settle in an ocean of tall grass prairie and rich soils. A prairie full of native grasses and flowers for hundreds of miles. Our plant communities have since changed, as people inhabited this great nation. more

What’s that Thing?

SQUEEZE CHUTE How do you safely handle a nervous and untrained 1,000 lb. steer? One way to do it is with a squeeze chute. A squeeze chute is a stall or enclosure designed to safely capture and hold large animals such as cattle or horses. Squeeze chutes are usually built of more

What is THAT? – Round Baler

You probably recognize the star implements of Midwest crop production: planters and combines. But what’s that boxy-looking thing that shows up behind tractors in mid-summer? If you get a chance to see it in action, it becomes obvious soon enough: it’s a round baler. How are round balers used? As the name more

DeKalb County Ag by the Numbers – Horse Sense

Horses are beautiful animals. Most people enjoy horses for pleasure and for riding them. Horse facts: A horse can sleep either standing or lying down. There are 150,367 horses in Illinois, making it the 18th largest state in horse population. When a horse gallops, all four hooves are off the ground at more

What’s in there? – Farm Shops

You’ve heard the old saying, “The kitchen is the heart of the home.” For farmers, the shop may just be the heart of the farm. Farm shops are a busy place on farms as they serve many purposes.   Equipment Repair - Inside every farm shop you can find a tool storage more

Drones in Agriculture

Farmers are using unmanned aerial vehicles to assess plant health. Jamie Erlenbach and Chris Paulsen use their drones to check the health status of their corn and soybean fields. It’s one of their newer crop scouting technology tools which provides aerial images of their growing crops. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known more

DeKalb County Ag by the Numbers – 100 Years of John Deere Tractors

Although the story of John Deere begins in the 1800s, it wasn’t until 1918 that the company purchased the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company and acquired the Waterloo Boy Tractor. This marked Deere & Company’s entry into the tractor and engine business.   The Waterloo Boy Tractor was exactly what farmers were looking more

Farm & Food Talk – Farm Types and Sizes

What type of farms do we need to feed the world? America needs farms of all shapes and sizes to thrive. We need conventional, organic and all other types of farms to meet consumer needs. Organic farming can continue to develop sustainable practices that can be adopted more widely. At the more

DeKalb County Ag By The Numbers – Planting Top Crops

Farmers are busy planting corn and soybeans, the county’s top crops. 57% of farmland is planted with field corn. 34% will be planted with soybeans. These top crops are grown on 337,000 acres. DeKalb County’s top crops provide us with an abundance of food, fiber and fuel.