Local Farmers

Pumpkin Patch Pickings

It’s prime time for pumpkins at the Krueger Farm. Each pumpkin has been hand-picked with love and enthusiasm by the Krueger kids from their patch located on Grandpa’s farm northeast of Genoa. Cole and Caleb, the youngest siblings, enjoy picking and washing pumpkins. John likes figuring out what people want. Sydney prefers more

Give a Gift of Grain

Donating a gift of grain can make a lasting difference. The value of the grain can be used to support charitable causes in your community. Give a Gift of Grain is a new initiative of the DeKalb County Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture and the DeKalb County Community Foundation. The Foundations more

Horse Lover, Teacher, Farm Woman

Horse Lover Carri Flewellyn resembles the likes of a horse whisperer. Her quiet disposition and gentle mannerisms appeal to her team of horses. Yet Carri knows that raising horses is more about listening than whispering. Her love for horses started in junior high. “As a farm kid I would sit and look more

100 Years of Running Deeres

Marketing matters to this farm girl Growing up, John Deere was a company that Kelsey Faivre was familiar with just like every farm kid that likes green tractors. But she left her ties to the green machines when she went to college. She found public relations and marketing appealed to her as more

Drones in Agriculture

Farmers are using unmanned aerial vehicles to assess plant health. Jamie Erlenbach and Chris Paulsen use their drones to check the health status of their corn and soybean fields. It’s one of their newer crop scouting technology tools which provides aerial images of their growing crops. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known more

The Windmill Man

Farmer Frank Engel has restored and installed 90 windmills. He’s hoping to get to 100. His nostalgic interest in windmills reminds him of his younger years. It was a time when steel windmills were “working” windmills and pumped water on their family farm in rural Hampshire. “It was an important time in more

The Need for Seed

Farmers are having their seed delivered in preparation for spring planting. There are so many seeds to choose from. So how do farmers decide which seeds to plant? There are a lot of factors for farmers to consider when selecting seed. The price of seed and the return on their investment are more

Young Farmer Outlook

Young farmers identify challenges but embrace technology. Young farmers are cautiously hopeful about the 2018 farm year. Low crop prices, being more efficient, and production issues are some of their biggest challenges. Most appealing to them is today’s farm technology, working with family, and the gratification of feeding the world. Here’s what some more

Sycamore’s “Country Mayor”

John Ward cares about his community – from his rural neighborhood to the city of Sycamore. Because he cares, he’s always giving back. “Anything you do you get back two-fold,” said John. “Everyone benefits if you work together.” The community-minded farmer prides himself in being a good farm neighbor and city friend. more