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Green Thumb – Gardening on the Internet

This web has more than spiders. Sometimes when I search for information on the Internet I feel like I’ve jumped into a landfill. Where should I begin to dig? With next year’s gardening season in mind, I recently searched for “lettuce” on Google. It came up with 80,500,000 results in 0.7 seconds. more

Green Thumb – Fall Checklist

As we enter September and October, we look forward to harvest and a beautiful fall season. We must also realize that during these two months there will be work ahead as we close up our home gardens and landscapes for the winter. September is the prime time to plant trees. Trees for more

Green Thumb – Spotlight on Ornamental Grasses

If you are an ornamental grass, you need to practice the fine art of patience. While summer gardens are full of blooming flowers, ornamental grasses remain in the background, quietly and discreetly, growing and waiting their turn. In late August and early September, the role reversal begins. Summer flowering plants are more

Green Thumb – Summer Checklist

By the middle of summer, some of our enthusiasm for gardening may be waning a little bit. However, some of our very favorite plants are about to appear in our gardens to be enjoyed this month. Annual plants should be filled out and looking beautiful in July. Annuals in the ground more

Green Thumb – I Can’t Leave… Something will be Blooming

The flower garden of our dreams has beautiful color all season long. We look longingly at catalog pictures, attend seminars, read advice from experts, and know every garden center within 50 miles.   We buy new plants, pull out dead plants, get divisions from friends, and move things around more