Historical Markers Tout Local Heritage and County

DeKalb County is preserving its heritage with historical markers. Twenty-nine historical markers have been installed to commemorate significant moments in history.

Learn more about the historical markers at the Feb. 4 Prime Timers program at the DeKalb County Farm Bureau. Donna Langford, manager of operations for the DeKalb Area Agricultural Heritage Association (DAAHA), will be the guest speaker.

Langford is a historian and museum professional who has been involved with the historical markers and other DAAHA programs. She will provide members with a Powerpoint program showcasing many of the markers and associated history, such as the first breeding plot used by Tom Roberts, Sr. and Charlie Gunn to experiment with hybridizing corn. Chief Shabbona, the Underground Railroad, Farm Bureau, Jacob Haish, the Marsh Harvester and more.

A booklet of all of the historical markers will be distributed.

The Feb. 4 program begins at 1 p.m. in the Farm Bureau Theater. Prior to the program, lunch will be served in the auditorium. Lunch fee is $7, payable by Jan. 29 at the Farm Bureau office.

Donna Langford will explore significant moments in local history at the Feb. 4 Prime Timers program.