A Sweet Experience

What’s the best way to educate a young adult? With food, of course.

DeKalb County Farm Bureau Young Leaders toured Tate & Lyle in February and ended their visit with samples of chocolate milk and sorbet bars. But the tour was even sweeter than the samples.

With locations in 30 countries and a 150-year-old history, Tate & Lyle is a leading supplier of food and beverage ingredients including sweeteners, texturants, fibers, and starches. The company owns 13 grain elevators throughout the Midwest and processes over 1.4 million acres of corn every year for their ingredients.

Young Leaders toured Tate & Lyle’s Sycamore plant where 80% of their ingredients go into dairy products such as Fairlife chocolate milk and McDonald’s ice cream. The other 20% of the site’s production is focused on sucralose, a sweetener that is 600 times sweeter than table sugar.

Young Leaders met with Tate & Lyle’s Global Community Relations Director Jennifer Walker; Sycamore Plant Manager Sam Acevedo; Granulation Systems Manager Eric Newman; Maintenance Manager Kevin Smrz; and Applications Scientist Kevin Russell.

The tour was an educational, memorable, and sweet experience.