Ag in the Classroom 2022

Posted: January 19, 2022

DeKalb County Farm Bureau’s ag literacy program is excited to launch the 2022 Ag in the Classroom program

How this year’s program will work:

  1. Teachers request supplies to conduct the AITC lessons by visiting
  2. Supplies will be delivered to schools based on dates chosen.
  3. Supporting videos will be available online for each lesson.
  4. Teachers conduct their AITC lesson. (In limited circumstances, volunteer presenters may be able to conduct lessons.)
  5. OPTIONAL: Students illustrate what they’ve learned by creating designs for the CONNECTIONS Magazine Cover Design Contest.

What students will learn & do:

1st Grade – More Than a Seed
Students will explore the steps of crop production, learn what seeds need to germinate, and plant corn & soybean seeds and learn how those crops impact their own lives.

2nd Grade – From Moo to You
Students will learn how dairy farmers care for their cows, experience a hands-on dairy activity, and learn why dairy products are important in a healthy diet.

3rd Grade – It’s an Earful
Students will learn how farmers grow and harvest corn, dissect corn kernels, investigate types of corn, and explore how corn impacts our lives.

4th Grade – Mapping Illinois Agriculture
Students will investigate ways agriculture connects to our lives, identify Illinois agricultural products, and use maps to locate ag-related sites.

5th Grade – Exploring STEM Careers in Agriculture
Students will explore the sorts of careers available in the ag industry, learn about several specific agricultural careers, and play STEM Career BINGO.

How to request your AITC materials:

DeKalb County 1st-5th grade teachers may visit to complete the AITC request form.

February 25 – for AITC supplies to be delivered March 4
March 25 – for AITC supplies to be delivered April 1
April 22 – for AITC supplies to be delivered April 29
May 6 – CONNECTIONS Magazine Cover Design Contest deadline