Around the Farm – Family Vacation

Posted: July 14, 2021

As a new self-employed hog farmer it can be challenging to get away for a family vacation, however it is something that is important to my family.

Stepping away from the farm for a week means finding someone else to complete daily chores, make feed for the pigs and keep a close eye on the health of the animals. Entrusting others to take care of your livestock is not what farmers do very often.

Fortunately, I have close and extended family that are knowledgeable and willing to do chores and help run the farm in order for my family and I to vacation.

My wife, one year old daughter, and I were able to take a week-long camping trip in June to visit two national parks.

We traveled to Smoky Mountains National Park and Mammoth Cave National Park where we did lots of exploring, hiking, and spending time outdoors.

It was nice to step away from the farm for the week to relax and refresh.

Although I love my job working on the farm and completing the daily tasks, I believe it is important to take vacations as well.

Traveling is something my wife and I have always enjoyed doing together. It is something we hope to continue to do as a family and plan to check more national parks off our bucket list in the future!

Taking this time away from the farm is a great mental health check for me as well as having the opportunity to keep making fun memories as a family.