Around the Farm – The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

Posted: December 16, 2020

Three years doesn’t sound like very long until you stand back and assess all the changes that occurred. Only then do you realize the ebb and flow of life at play.

Since I started writing this column, our two children entered preschool, and then kindergarten and first grade.

Eleanor and Luke started their adventures at school…and here they are with me again. We’re finishing 2020 with e-learning from our dining room table.

Our high school kids are (thankfully) independently e-learning. I’m super grateful for the teachers that are keeping everything moving forward on the school tract for kids of all ages.

My seventeen-year-old daughter is halfway through her senior year of high school. How does that even happen?

We managed to visit a few schools before the world shut down in March. She’s looking forward to pursuing an education in ag communications. As a communication major myself, I’m super excited to see the contributions she will bring to the agricultural world.

Where she ends up remains to be seen!

Over the past three years, I’ve gone from a hobby blogger to an experienced blogger at This Farm Girl Cooks. My first readers were my husband, mom and sister. Truth be told, they read my work because I asked them to and because they love me.

Since then, my passion has evolved into a career I adore. Now I’d like to think my family reads my posts because they actually enjoy them.

Come to think of it, both my writing of recipes and stories on my website and the opportunities of CONNECTIONS have allowed me to meet so many wonderful folks like you.

Things have changed, but they’re still the same.

We’ve had some good crop years and some more trying crop years. The year it rained forever and the year it wouldn’t rain.

A few cattle were added to our farming operation and I’ve jumped into some tractor time in the field at harvest. Both of those are personal victories for this non-farm girl turned farmer.

I think my Grandma Rood would be super proud. She herself was a city girl turned farm wife, before country was cool.

Yes, three years brings a lot of change. And this year seems to have brought the most changes of all.

The way we connect with each other is drastically different. COVID-19 has made sure of that. But if I’ve learned anything, it’s the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Maybe that can be our little slice of comfort for now. This too, shall pass. Time marches on. We will return to whatever “normal” may be. It’s gonna be okay! I think it goes without saying, we will all embrace the hope of the coming New Year.