Around the Farm

Around the Farm – Pig Farms & Biosecurity

Biosecurity is an important measure that farmers take very seriously in order to keep our animals healthy. For hog farmers, biosecurity practices start even before the pigs show up on our farm. Once the pigs are here we continue our biosecurity measures by limiting unnecessary visitors, therefore reducing exposure to possible more

Around the Farm – Assisting with Aerial Applications

It's that time of year again when you see the yellow planes out diving over the corn fields! (At least it was when I wrote this at the end of July.) I love this time of year! Several years ago I started helping one of those crazy guys dive bombing the more

Around the Farm – Family Vacation

As a new self-employed hog farmer it can be challenging to get away for a family vacation, however it is something that is important to my family.Stepping away from the farm for a week means finding someone else to complete daily chores, make feed for the pigs and keep a more

Around the Farm – Early Year of Planting

Like most things on the farm, planting is a team effort. The main team members on our farm include my dad, my mom and me… and our ag retailer who delivers our seed and helps us with various jobs. Our teamwork was extra helpful this year since we were pushing pretty more

Around the Farm – Farming with Family

Growing up, my parents always encouraged my brother and I to go to college to further our knowledge in agriculture, learn from other farmers and to see what agriculture is like outside of our family’s operation. I always knew it wasn’t going to be a guarantee that I would be able more

Around the Farm – Making Goat Milk Soap

Hello from the Koenig Farms soap shop! Somehow after a stressful day on the farm it relaxes me to come home and whip up a batch of soap. In fact, today I was at the farm all day and then came home to cut my most recent batch of soap into more

Around the Farm – A Day in the Life of a Pig Farmer

Growing up on the family farm watching my father and grandfather work together helped develop my passion for agriculture, specifically raising pigs. We also grow corn and soybeans that we use to feed our hogs. My younger brother and I own a wean-to-finish swine operation in Sycamore that I manage the more

Around the Farm – Family Farmers

Yep, that’s me in the picture there. The littlest one second from the left, ready for the first day of school. This is one of my favorite family pictures. Not only are my three wonderful siblings in the picture, but our farm dog and cattle are in the picture too, more

Around the Farm – The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

Three years doesn’t sound like very long until you stand back and assess all the changes that occurred. Only then do you realize the ebb and flow of life at play. Since I started writing this column, our two children entered preschool, and then kindergarten and first grade. Eleanor and Luke started more

Around the Farm – A “Normal” Year of Farming

This article was going to be on what a normal year in farming looks like but as I sat here staring at the blank screen for what seemed to be an eternity I came to the conclusion that there is no “normal” in farming – at least not here of more