Around the Farm

Around the Farm – A Spring that Un-Sprung Farmers

Every year around mid-April farmers start itching to get their fields planted, but ideal conditions must exist in order to do so. A wise man once told my father that if he goes out to a field, drops his drawers, sits on the dirt and doesn’t have the urge to jump more

Around the Farm – Planting Patience

Years ago, my mom received a coffee mug as a gift. All the adults hooted and hollered over it like it was the funniest thing ever. On it, it read, “God, grant me patience and I want it right now!” As a kid without a care in the world, I didn’t more

Around the Farm – Multi-Hybrid Planting with Seed Prescriptions

Although the fundamentals to planting have generally stayed the same from when my grandfather farmed to now, a lot of things have changed – or progressed, as technology has. One of the bigger developments in the modern age of farming has been the ability to plant more than one crop more

Around the Farm – Roses & Thorns

Did you know farmers account for less than two percent of the American population? We’re a minority and we’re getting smaller, not larger, and with that come some challenges. When my oldest kids were younger (they’re now in high school) we’d play a game called “Roses and Thorns” during our evening more

Around the Farm – Analyzing Farm Data

Farm fields have varying soil types. Some soils are more productive and others are less – so how can a farmer know where to plant his best seed and how much to plant? Data analysis. Like other industries, farming is competitive and data analysis is crucial for optimizing decision making for more

Around the Farm – Through A Child’s Eyes

This time of year it’s natural to be overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Calendars are packed solid with parties, pageants and programs. Our shopping lists grow like weeds and we scramble to capture the best deals and stretch our hard earned cash in the spirit of more

Around the Farm – Everything Old is New Again

Magnolia. The Pioneer Woman. Fixer Upper. What do all these things have in common? They’re all about bringing decor, food, and homes back to their roots. Stop and think about it for a moment... Farmhouse style and rustic decor has made their way into homes even off the farm (thank you, Joanna Gaines). more

Around the Farm – How a Smartphone Changed the Way I Farm

When my dad was learning to farm, he gathered information from the generations who had farmed before him. Learning from experienced farmers is crucial, but it is also a slow process. One generation learns something new and passes it to the next. So, how does a smartphone change that? It’s simple, more

Around the Farm – Balancing Farm & Family

Like most of you, I have had to learn how to balance work and family. My wife and I have two young boys who are growing faster than weeds and I don’t want to miss a second of it! As a farmer whose hours are roughly sun-up to sun-down plus a more

Around the Farm – Weeds Are Kind of a Big Deal

Farmers have a thing about weeds. They despise them, and rightfully so. Now, for those of you not familiar with the wonderful world of weeds, let’s lay it out in layman’s terms. There are dandelions and weeds that pop up in your yard, or maybe your garden. They’re annoying, but generally manageable. And more