Art & Agriculture

Posted: June 24, 2022

An artist relies on agriculture for so many of the tools they use:

Sketchpad/Paper – Made with wood cellulose (from trees) or cotton cellulose (from cotton plants).

Paints – Many paint pigments are obtained from plants, trees, or even insects. Oil paints are made with linseed oil derived from seeds of the flax plant.

Paint Brushes – Some paint brushes are made using hog bristles, or the course hair found on the pig’s back and neck. Paint brush handles are often wood.

Graphite, Colored & Watercolor Pencils – These pencils are usually encased in wood.

Crayons – Some crayon brands are made using soybean oil. Prang crayons are 85% soybean oil.

Canvas – The canvases used by artists who paint are usually cotton canvas stretched over wooden frames.