Ask A Farmer/Farm Family

Will this year’s cover crops be utilized by beef cattle?

Answer: Cover crops can be harvested for livestock feed. On our prevent plant acres we grew sorghum-sudan grass (instead of field corn) and will be chopping it and feeding it to our cattle. Many acres in DeKalb County and surrounding counties were not planted to the usual field corn or soybean crops more

Are you worried about your pigs getting African Swine Fever?

Answer: African Swine Fever is a disease that originated in Africa and now has infected pigs in China. With protocols in place here, it is my hope that it doesn’t reach the United States. African Swine Fever (ASF) is a swine disease virus that has been around for decades. First in more

What does hormone-free pork really mean?

Answer: All animals have natural occurring hormones. So there’s no such thing as hormone-free pork. Also, no supplemental growth hormones are given to pigs. I was driving around the country and I came across a sign advertising pork for sale, more specifically, “hormone-free pork.” I have seen similar advertising in small more

How are cattle farmers educated and trained?

Q: How are cattle farmers educated and trained on animal practices, food safety and quality? A: I am certified through the Beef Quality Assurance program, with principles of best management practices and safe operating procedures designed to meet U.S. food production standards. Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) is an education program for farmers more

How are dairy farms different today?

Q: How are dairy farms different today, based on modern technology, compared to the days of milking cows by hand? A: Farmers don’t milk cows by hand anymore. Today most farms have milking parlors and can milk several cows at a time. Technology has improved dairy farming. My Grandpa milked cows by more

How do you juggle the holidays with your family and farm?

Answer: The holidays are a special time and meant to be shared with family. However, livestock farmers still need to tend to their animals and don't have the holidays off. As a farmer who raises pigs, I dislike holidays. Why? On a livestock farm, animals require daily care, including holidays. You see, I more

Why do you separate beef cattle with pens on your farm?

Answer: Pens allow farmers to sort cattle by size, gender, diet and quantity. This separation offers uniformity and a better environment for the beef cattle. Often, I get the questions, “Why do you have so many pens of cattle?  Can’t they all just be together?” The simple answer is no…when you are more