Ask A Farmer

Why do you separate beef cattle with pens on your farm?

Answer: Pens allow farmers to sort cattle by size, gender, diet and quantity. This separation offers uniformity and a better environment for the beef cattle. Often, I get the questions, “Why do you have so many pens of cattle?  Can’t they all just be together?” The simple answer is no…when you are more

Why Are We Losing So Many Dairy Farms?

Answer: There are several reasons dairy farms are going out of business: lower milk prices, oversupply, lack of markets, less consumption and diminishing exports. In 2014 we had record milk prices of over $25 per hundredweight. Dairy farmers get paid by the hundredweight which is 100 pounds of milk or just more

Why can’t you leave cows on pasture year-round?

Answer: Our cows are on pasture from late spring to early fall when the weather is good. We rotate cows between pastures to graze on forages. In the winter, our cows are housed in barns for shelter and comfort. On our dairy farm we provide our cows with pastures. Some dairy more

Are all farms today factory farms?

Answer: Farms have gotten bigger and have become more efficient (like factories) due to farm equipment, technology and economics. But the majority of farms are still family farms. Many times the term “factory farm” is used today to describe modern farms in a negative way. It is understandable. After all, over more

What is involved with buying and selling your cattle?

Answer: When buying cattle, I look for cattle that are similar in size, are healthy and well-cared for. When I sell my cattle, it is important to provide animals with the proper finish to meet buyer and consumer needs. As a cattle farmer I talk about the kind, quality, and connection more

What are the different types of dairy milk?

Answer: My cows produce whole milk. In the dairy case you will find whole milk, 2%, 1% and skim milk. The difference in types of dairy milk is in the fat content. All milk starts as whole milk but once the cream is separated off the fat is removed. For example, less more

Are trade agreements like NAFTA a good thing for farmers?

Answer: Farmers benefit from trade agreements by exporting food to other countries. Large companies also benefit by providing jobs and generating revenue. A hot topic of discussion these days is whether America should participate in new trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) or stay in current agreements such as more

How do you keep your pigs comfortable in the summer heat?

Answer: Pigs don't have sweat glands so to keep them cool farmers use buildings which provide shade, airflow, and water. While most of us like the warm summer days compared to the cold days of winter, weather can pose problems for pigs. Pigs do not sweat like you and me because they more