Ask A Farmer/Farm Family

Why do farmers spray chemicals on crops?

Answer: Pesticides are safe and effective in controlling weeds/pests and we use the least amount possibleto get the job done. As a farmer there are a few topics that we receive push back on from time to time. Usually it is not a criticism that we face firsthand but rather a more

What technology is used during planting to help farmers manage crop data?

Answer: In my role, I help farmers with a digital farming platform which collects field data during planting and helps with agronomic decisions ultimately aiming to improve crop yields. It is officially spring! Our goats and chickens are wandering out of the barn to enjoy the sunshine and warming temperatures; we more

With Fewer Livestock Farms Today, Why Do You Raise Livestock?

Answer: You have to be passionate about raising livestock to be in this industry. In response to this question we asked ourselves what else would we do? But seriously, as we think about livestock production our response is this: you have to truly love what you do because livestock farming is more

What happens on your farm on Christmas morning?

Answer: Chores happen! Our animals come first and must be tended to before we can enjoy family time and traditions. Hooray, it’s Christmas morning! We can’t wait to sit in our cozy house, drinking hot cocoa around the Christmas tree, while watching the kids open their presents, but first... CHORES! We’ve got more

What do farmers do once crops have been harvested?

Answer: We prepare for the next crop year making decisions about seed, land, and crop insurance. We also work on equipment, market and ship grain, and expand our knowledge of our trade. This is a question that I encounter typically when I don’t expect it. I’m usually engaged in some mundane more

How do you care for hogs and harvest at the same time?

Answer: Harvesting our crops in the fall is certainly a busy time for us but before we head to the fields we feed and care for the animals. Harvest preparation is imperative on any farming operation, but it looks slightly different when managing livestock and crops simultaneously. In addition to getting more

What is the difference between field corn and sweet corn?

Answer: Field corn is primarily fed to livestock and sweet corn is enjoyed by humans this time of the year as corn on the cob. Sweet corn season has arrived! But did you know that sweet corn only accounts for about 1% of all the corn that is grown? That’s right! more