Harvesting Wheat & Baling Straw

It’s that time of year when farmers are harvesting wheat and baling wheat straw. Farmers harvest about 4,000 acres of winter wheat in DeKalb County. Locally, wheat is harvested in early to mid-July, depending on the weather and how quickly the crop matures. This year’s wheat crop endured the second-coldest April followed more

Drones in Agriculture

Farmers are using unmanned aerial vehicles to assess plant health. Jamie Erlenbach and Chris Paulsen use their drones to check the health status of their corn and soybean fields. It’s one of their newer crop scouting technology tools which provides aerial images of their growing crops. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known more

Nutrients Needed for Crops

Fertilizer applications put required nutrients back into the soil. Why do farmers use fertilizers on their farm fields? Soils matter for growing corn and soybeans. Farmers need healthy soils to produce healthy crops. In order to create healthy soils, farmers use a variety of fertilizers to build up nutrients in their soils. Fertilizers more

The Need for Seed

Farmers are having their seed delivered in preparation for spring planting. There are so many seeds to choose from. So how do farmers decide which seeds to plant? There are a lot of factors for farmers to consider when selecting seed. The price of seed and the return on their investment are more