Farm Facts

Keeping Nutrients in the Field

A look at some of the conservation practices used by farmers Conservation Tillage - Farming with Crop Residues Reduces soil erosion, keeping sediment and organic matter out of waterways Combines soil drying and warming benefits of tillage while disturbing less soil Conserves soil by retaining crop residue on soil surface Vegetative Filter Strips Removes sediment, organic more

Ag by the Numbers – Where’s the Beef?

Remember the 1980’s television commercial for Wendy’s which featured Clara Peller asking, “Where’s the BEEF?” The commercial was a hit and brought increased attention to eating “real” beef. Now, the “BEEF It’s What’s For Dinner” commercials resonate with consumers. In DeKalb County, we raise 17,300 beef cattle on 69 farms. These cattle more

Better off with Beef in a Sustainable Food System

May is Beef Month so let's talk about beef sustainability Not only is beef delicious and nutritious, but the beef industry continues to implement numerous proven sustainability practices that contribute to the way beef is responsibly raised today. Though the path to sustainability is never complete it is a continuous journey by more

DeKalb County’s Top Crop Exceeds 200 Bushels

Corn farmers in DeKalb County produced 200+ bushel corn last year. The USDA reported a total of 44 counties in the state finished with a corn yield average above 200 bushels per acre in 2021. In DeKalb County, the 2021 yields showed corn averaged 202.7 bushels per acre and soybeans averaged 62.9 more

From the Farm to Basketball

There are many things that are associated with basketball which originate on the farm. Basketball – Some basketballs are made of leather, which comes from the hide of beef cattle. The pros use leather basketballs. College basketballs are made of mostly synthetic materials. Basketball shoes – Today’s shoes are a mix of more

Livestock Farms Add Value to Economy

The livestock industry benefits our county and state by supporting food security, protecting the environment, strengthening communities and driving economic growth. Supporting Food Security Illinois is home to more than 71,000 farms. DeKalb County has about 2,300 farms. Ninety-six percent are family-owned and a third of Illinois farms include livestock. For these more

What’s Popping?

Popcorn is one of America's favorite snacks. • Most popcorn is grown in the Midwest – Nebraska leads in popcorn production. • There are 4 basic types of corn – field (dent) corn, flint (Indian) corn, sweet corn (corn on the cob) and popcorn. Popcorn is the only corn which pops! • On more

New Shoes for Christmas

A new pair of shoes may be a welcome Christmas gift, even for horses! Horses need new shoes about every 4-6 weeks, based on how their hooves grow and how the shoes have worn. Horseshoes are designed to protect horse hooves the same way shoes protect our feet. When horses work more