Farm Facts

What is That? Semi Trucks & Grain Trailers

During the harvest season you will see many semi-trucks and trailers on the road hauling grain to nearby elevators or farms. A semi-truck refers to the actual truck, which has an engine along with a cab. Sometimes it’s also called a semi-tractor. A semi-truck engine has 350 to 600 horsepower. A semi-trailer more

What if Farmers Did Not Use Pesticides?

Farmers use many tools to produce the food that ends up on our plates. Among them are crop protection products, also known as pesticides. Crop protection helps control weeds, pests and diseases that starve food crops of the nutrients, sunlight and water needed to thrive. Pesticide is a general term that covers more

What is That? Seed Signs

As you drive by corn and soybean fields you may see some signs at the edge of the fields. Seed companies and farmers post these signs to promote their particular varieties of corn or soybeans. It’s sort of like having mini billboards in the countryside. Some think that these signs are posted more

Ear Size Matters

The number of kernels per ear of corn is an important contributor to the grain yield potential of a corn plant. Ideal growing conditions and a hybrid’s genetics determine ear size and exceptional yields at harvest. The number of kernel rows multiplied by the number of kernels per row equates to more

What is That? Corn Detasseling

Years ago detasseling corn was a common summer job for teenagers in our county especially since DeKalb was home to DEKALB seed corn and there were several fields of seed corn grown locally. Then, most of the corn tassels were removed by hand. Today, machines remove most of the tassel, the more

History of DeKalb County 4-H Fair Livestock Show

The DeKalb County 4-H Fair Livestock Show has been held at various locations over the years. For many years the 4-H Fair was held in conjunction with the Sycamore Farmer’s Club Jr. Fair and local Granges. The Sycamore Farmer’s Club Jr. Fair ran from 1940-2006. From the early 1930s to the more

Food Safety During Coronavirus

Public health and food safety experts do not have any evidence to suggest that COVID-19 can be transmitted by food or food packaging. The USDA provides this information pertaining to food safety during coronavirus: Q: Can I become sick with coronavirus (COVID-19) from food? A: We are not aware of any reports at more

What is That? Milking Machines

It’s June Dairy Month so let’s talk about how dairy cows are milked. Many years ago milking was tedious; farmers milked cows by hand. The milk was collected in a bucket below the cow. As times changed, mechanization was necessary to produce more milk. A mechanical bucket milker was created to make more

From Farm to Your Plate

Have you noticed changes in the food available at your grocery store? The COVID-crisis has impacted the supply of many foods. This has resulted in unavailability of some of your favorite brands, product shortages and even price changes from paper towels to meat. There are many steps in the food supply more

Yes, COVID-19 Impacts Agriculture

Most businesses were doing well before the coronavirus. Agriculture was not. COVID-19 is just the latest in a string of misfortunes that have kept the farm economy down for several years: weather disasters, a trade war and even before that, commodity prices have been below the cost of production. “None of us more