Farm Facts

Ag by the Numbers – Bees & Butterflies

Pollinators, like bees and butterflies, help flowers pollinate and ensure that we have food to eat. In the U.S., more than 150 crop plants require pollinators.It is estimated that 1 of every 3 bites of food that we eat is related to actions of pollinators. That action is transferring pollen to more

Dairy Trends

An inside look at trends which impact the dairy industry during June Dairy Month Dairy producers have a deep commitment to taking care of their animals and play a vital role in providing sustainably produced foods. Understanding consumer and market trends not only helps dairy farmers understand what is driving today’s more

Farms Matter

We rely on farms for food, fiber and fuel, among so many other things. Nearly everything we eat, wear and use comes from a plant or animal raised on a farm. Farms sustain us. That’s why farms matter.• Food – Farms grow a variety of grains which are processed and used more

2020 – A Different Year

Scott Newport, Farm Business Farm Management Specialist The 2020 growing season got off to a slow start with frequent rainfall during the planting season. However, most of the corn and soybeans were planted timely but experienced excess rainfall in May and June followed by a lack of rain in late July more

Ag by the Numbers – Acres of Corn

So why do local farmers grow so much corn? Field corn has been the county’s top crop for more than a century. But why do we grow it here? It’s not because farmers can’t find anything else to grow. It’s because DeKalb County, Illinois is one of the best places to grow more

Planting During Pandemic

Farmers plant crops going on the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s spring, which means corn and soybeans are being planted in fields all around DeKalb County. So what’s different this year from last year? Farmers are still essential workers. We count on farmers to do their jobs of growing food to more

Ag by the Numbers – Pigs & Cows

About half of DeKalb County’s top crops of corn and soybeans are fed to livestock. The leading livestock in the county are pigs and cows. Local farmers market over 954,000 hogs each year.  Now that’s a lot of hogs! At any one time there are 276,000 hogs and pigs on farms. The second largest more

Lambing Season Underway

With the spring season comes lambing season. Local farms are welcoming new lambs to their flocks. But spring lambing is sort of a misnomer because lambs are born year-round, according to Julie Barr. “Some lambs are born in the spring (March-May), but many are born in January and February or in more