Food Topics

From Chicken Farms to Major Food Company

The Suter Company, Farm Bureau’s next-door neighbor A century ago, Charles Suter bought a farm in Palatine, Illinois and began his chicken and egg business which would eventually evolve into a major food company. He called his first farm Atlasta, meaning “at last a farm.” Charles moved to the Genoa area and more

Holiday Baking

Holidays are upon us, a time of year to gather and enjoy each other Make ahead bakes are the perfect solution to having time to relax and entertain. Oatmeal, hemp seeds, and nuts all contribute to a heart healthy diet. Oatmeal has been proven to lower bad cholesterol LDL. It keeps us more

Pumpkin – A Favorite Fall Flavor

Fall is in the air – what an enjoyable season for baking Pumpkin is a favorite fall flavor. Pumpkins are so versatile in the kitchen you find it in main dishes, side dishes, salads, desserts and many types of baked goods. The bright orange pigment of pumpkin indicates an excellent source of more

Prairie State of Mind

It’s been nearly 25 years since Prairie State Winery began making wine. They were the first commercial winery in DeKalb County. Prairie State Winery was established in 1998, a time when there were very few wineries in Illinois. They were number 16. Now there are about 165 wineries in the prairie more

It’s Berry Season

Summer is a great time to preserve the savory taste of fresh berries. You can make berry preserves or freeze berries for later use. Freezing Berries Freezing is a simple, fast way to preserve berries. Freezing preserves food by stopping the growth of micro-organisms and slowing down changes that affect quality or more

Early Season Veggies

Spring is here and with it comes our first vegetables of the season Our recipe in this issue features some of them: asparagus, radish and the lovely chive. Asparagus comes in different varieties, green, being the most common but look for purplish or European white. Asparagus is a great source of folic more

For the Love of Cooking

Farm women are some of the best cooks! The three farm women featured in this issue share some of their favorite recipes which they love to make. They hope you enjoy them as much as their husbands do.

Tray Bake Veggies & Meat Loaf

Tray baking has become a popular technique for home cooks. It saves dishes and frees the cook up from tending to the stove top. As a cook I like this technique as it intensifies flavor by concentrating natural sugars as it roasts or finishing with a broil. Some tips for successful more

Handmade & Heartwarming Gifts

As we wrap up the year welcoming in the holidays, the kitchen is a perfect workshop to create gifts from your hands and heart. As a former loyal 4-H member I loved the symbols of Head, Heart, Hands, Health. It was a great influence on my culinary career and has stayed more