Food Topics

Peas Please

Here in the Midwest, summertime is full of fresh foods. Snap peas and garden peas, which are climbing legume plants, are easy to prepare. Enjoy them cooked or raw right from the vine. The Snap Pea Peas are divided into two categories: edible pod or inedible pod. These cool season vegetables more

Asparagus Season

Spring conjures up thoughts of warmer weather and asparagus. Asparagus is a versatile and nutritious vegetable that can be cooked a variety of ways. About Asparagus Varieties include green, purplish or purple green, or European White. Treat asparagus like flowers, trimming the ends. Store stalks upright in water or wrap ends more

Beneficial Beans

In the Leishman Center we love to feature beans in our classes. These mighty plant proteins are so versatile. They provide many health benefits to the diet plus come in a multitude of easy to use forms. Canned, dried, or frozen they are ready to deliver a great combination of protein more

Heart Healthy Lifestyle

February is the perfect month to take care of your heart. Emotionally and physically. Valentine’s Day and the American Heart Association honor this month to remind us of the importance of a healthy lifestyle that supports healthy hearts. Exercise as simple as a nice walk daily. Diet that does not include processed foods. more

Cooking is Comfort

As we settle in for winter and quiet ourselves after the holiday bustle, take some time to be in the kitchen, the heart center of the home. Comfort yourself and others with food that is simple, yet feeds your soul. Long simmering stews or soups are perfect for this task, plus more

Holiday Baking

Holidays in the kitchen mean baking. We love to bake and here in the Leishman Center a little something sweet is looked forward to by our students. There are many alternatives to the traditional bleached white flour and bleached white sugar that offer not only nutritional benefits but more complex flavor more

Fruit Crisp for Any Season

In the Leishman Center we emphasize cooking with the seasons while also encouraging freezing or canning seasonal fruits for winter enjoyment. Fruit crisps are a great way to use these delicious fruits. Crisps are quick to prepare and great to satisfy the after dinner sweet craving while suitable for breakfast or more


The season of plentiful zucchini Looking for another use of your garden zucchini? It’s that time of year when gardeners have an abundance of these fresh vegetables. Zucchini is a variety of summer squash, grown now in local gardens and also found year-round in the grocery store. They are best picked when more

Picnic Food

Several students have requested ideas to lighten up the picnic foods of summer. One of the favorites is this coleslaw recipe, not only is it delicious but offers some rich doses of nutrients while using seasonal produce. The dressing replaces the traditional creamy mayonnaise or sour cream base by using cashew more

Berries at their Best

June and July are wonderful months to enjoy fresh berries here in the Midwest. When in season, their flavor is at the optimum level and prices are budget friendly. A simple way to stock up for your winter enjoyment is to freeze berries. Freezing is a simple, fast way to preserve more