For Farmers

DeKalb County’s Top Crop Exceeds 200 Bushels

Corn farmers in DeKalb County produced 200+ bushel corn last year. The USDA reported a total of 44 counties in the state finished with a corn yield average above 200 bushels per acre in 2021. In DeKalb County, the 2021 yields showed corn averaged 202.7 bushels per acre and soybeans averaged 62.9 more

Spring Weather Outlook

Every farmer wants a perfect season. Get planting done as soon as possible, then let it get warm, with appropriate rain and thunderstorms, with no hail, freezes, or other calamities. And for corn farmers, bring on the summer heat as well! Unfortunately, every season falls short of that. Sometimes it’s actually more

Farm Bureau Legislative Priorities for 2022

The Illinois Farm Bureau Board of Directors has approved state legislative initiatives for the new year that will benefit Illinois farmers. 2022 State Legislative Priorities: • Seek to maintain Illinois’ current tax policies that provide economic stability for the agricultural industry including the agricultural sales tax exemptions for seed, feed, fertilizer/chemicals, and more

Farmers Facing Higher Crop Costs

Fertilizer and crop protection product prices are soaring For the 2022 crop season farmers are seeing rising costs on inputs and capital needs to grow the same crop as last year. To some, these rising costs seem to be an abrupt change, however it has been happening for over the last year more

Rules for the Road Trucking Seminar

Illinois Farm Bureau will host a series of two-hour trucking seminars focusing on transportation laws and regulations as they pertain to the agricultural industry. The closest seminar to the DeKalb County area is being held in Harvard. McHenry County Farm Bureau will host the session on Tuesday, March 8 at 10 a.m. more

Pesticide Testing Dates Set for Farmers in 2022

Farmers who need to renew their private pesticide applicator license have an opportunity at the DeKalb County Farm Bureau Center for Agriculture this winter. In-person testing is scheduled for Wednesdays, Jan.12, Feb. 9, and March 9, 2022. The Illinois Department of Agriculture will offer pesticide applicator testing from 9 a.m. until noon more

Anhydrous Training Scheduled at Farm Bureau, Feb. 10

All growers or grower farm operations that transport or apply anhydrous ammonia, or otherwise maintain anhydrous ammonia equipment are required to be certified with the Illinois Department of Agriculture by April 1, 2022. The DeKalb County Farm Bureau and Conserv FS are cosponsoring an in-person Anhydrous Training for certification on Thursday, more

Crop Management Conference held in February at DCFB

Make the most informed decisions you can for your farm by getting the latest research updates to improve productivity and output from crop science experts at the University of Illinois. Crop producers, consultants, and industry professionals are invited to the 2022 Crop Management Conference series in person or online. Locally, an in-person more

Get Updates on Farm & Crop Protections for 2022

There is always uncertainty around what spring, summer and fall may bring. COUNTRY Financial® and Illinois Farm Bureau remain ready to assist farmers through every season. The organizations are again teaming up for ten regional meetings across Illinois to share updates on improved opportunities for farmers to protect their farms and more

Mental Health Service for Farmers Expanded

Illinois farmers and their families will find help to deal with stress and mental health issues, state leaders announced recently. Illinois Agriculture Director Jerry Costello II called farm-related stress and farmer mental health “a national public health emergency” in Illinois and elsewhere. A $500,000 USDA grant will help expand the existing Farm more