The Business of Ultrasounding Beef

Robert “Bert” Hueber knows a good ribeye when he sees one. As a certified ultrasound technician Bert evaluates ribeyes regularly for Beef Performance Technology. He uses the ultrasound technology as a tool to aid cattle feeders in producing a high quality product for consumers. Bert ultrasounds thousands of beef cattle raised in more

What’s in there? – Hog Building

DeKalb County is one of the leading pork-producing counties in Illinois. But if you drive around the county, chances are you won’t see any pigs. Where are they? Pigs need shelter. Most pigs are raised in specially-designed buildings. Outside features From the outside, a modern hog building looks like a long, low shed. more

Why can’t you leave cows on pasture year-round?

Answer: Our cows are on pasture from late spring to early fall when the weather is good. We rotate cows between pastures to graze on forages. In the winter, our cows are housed in barns for shelter and comfort. On our dairy farm we provide our cows with pastures. Some dairy more

What is involved with buying and selling your cattle?

Answer: When buying cattle, I look for cattle that are similar in size, are healthy and well-cared for. When I sell my cattle, it is important to provide animals with the proper finish to meet buyer and consumer needs. As a cattle farmer I talk about the kind, quality, and connection more

What are the different types of dairy milk?

Answer: My cows produce whole milk. In the dairy case you will find whole milk, 2%, 1% and skim milk. The difference in types of dairy milk is in the fat content. All milk starts as whole milk but once the cream is separated off the fat is removed. For example, less more