Local History

Legends – Frankly Speaking

In 1834, DeKalb County was a prairieland. Communities were established beginning in the southern part of the county then slowly moved north. One such southern community was Franks. The area (roughly 4 miles square) that would come to be known as Franks began in 1834 as a simple trapper’s log cabin more

Making History

DeKalb County History Center opens with Smithsonian exhibit “We now have an anchor in the community, a place to tell our stories as well as a place to gather together and learn more about each other and our history,” says DeKalb County History Center Director Michelle Donahoe. The DeKalb County History Center more

Farm Life After Dairying

For most of his farm life, Bill Lenschow got up at 4:30 every morning to milk his cows. It was a daily routine for him and his family, to milk their dairy cows each morning and evening. “I liked it because it was something the whole family could do,” said Bill. more

History Fills the Hallways

DeKalb students experience Ag History Expo “In the hallways I hear kids talking about getting in the combine, as well as getting their hands in the soil!” DeKalb School District instructional coach Emily Weller still hears students converse about the memorable History Expo that took place at Farm Bureau this spring. About more

Legends – The Winged Ear

“DeKalb Ag” is probably one of the most well-known companies in the history of DeKalb County. As the “Winged Ear” brand completes the transition from Monsanto to Bayer, let’s look back at this popular icon.  The DEKALB Winged Ear logo is one of the most identifiable agriculture symbols anywhere in the more

Bayer in our Backyard

More than a century ago the DeKalb County Agricultural Association made its mark in our county, the legendary company which developed DEKALB hybrid seed corn. The rich history of the DEKALB brand continues today with the Bayer Company. Bayer maintains the local legacy with its research, production and seed technology facilities more

Legends – A House Divided

DeKalb and Sycamore have always been known for their rivalry, but they aren’t the only neighboring townships in the county that can claim that title. The township of Somonauk, located in the southeast part of the county, was once twice as big as it is today. Believed to be one of more

30 Years of Ag Discipline Scholarships

In three decades, 101 students have received Farm Bureau ag scholarships totaling over $189,000. DeKalb County Farm Bureau has been awarding Ag Discipline Scholarships to college students majoring in an agricultural curriculum for 30 years. The scholarship program provides financial assistance to juniors and seniors in college. The number of scholarships given more

Historic Garage Gets Innovation Honors

Resource Bank recognized for restoring Sycamore building. The Innovator of the Year award was presented to Resource Bank by the DeKalb Area Agricultural Heritage Association (DAAHA) at its annual meeting last month. The award honored the bank for its preservation of the Townsend Garage located on North Main Street in Sycamore. Jim more