Local People

Teacher Feature – Elizabeth Peterson

Teaching School: Sycamore Middle School Grade: 8th Grade Subjects: Math & Science Number of years teaching: 20 years Farm Bureau/Ag Literacy connection: I have taken the Summer Ag Institute for Teachers (SAI) through the Farm Bureau and every year we take our students on the 8th Grade Farm Field Trip to surrounding farms. What is your more

Books Build Ag Literacy

Did you know… If popped, the twenty million kernels of popcorn produced on one acre of land would cover the ground like four inches of snow? A single Merino sheep hair is three times finer than the average human hair? A boy named Junius who was born into slavery later more

For Butterflies, Birds & Bees: New Pollinator Plot

What’s all the buzz about the new plants and corn sculptures in front of the Farm Bureau Building? Check out Farm Bureau’s new pollinator garden plot. DeKalb County Farm Bureau has established a new pollinator plot for the benefit of attracting pollinators who help make food for the food web. “It made more

Harvest May Stretch Into December

Farmers are ready to wrap up this year’s harvest but some are still weeks away from being done. DeKalb County harvest is running about a month behind schedule. The lateness is attributed to a wet spring – most corn and soybean fields didn’t get planted until June – then a wet more

Teacher Feature – Ms. Allyn Ricci

Teaching: School: Herman E. Dummer Elementary School Grade: 4th Subjects: All Number of years teaching: 12 years Farm Bureau/Ag Literacy connection: A few years ago our district was left without a science curriculum, so I contacted the Farm Bureau to see what was available for us. We now use several literacy kits every year. Best more

The Perfect Match

Community players come together to boost ag literacy among young children. Sometimes the cards just fall into place. In this case, four key “cards” came together: an idea, a need, funding, and a way to implement the idea. The Farm Matching Game includes 30 farm images (for a total of 60 cards) more

Community AG-tivities

Agriculture activities are fun for the whole family. Local summer events drew hundreds of children and adults together to learn about food and farming. Corn Fest DeKalb, Aug. 23-25 The DeKalb County Corn & Soybean Growers coordinated interactive ag displays for Corn Fest including an educational biofuel exhibit, a combine, the Farm more

Valuing Rural Veterinarians

Meet three local veterinarians who diagnose animal health problems, vaccinate against diseases, treat illnesses, perform surgeries and advise farmers on feeding and breeding. Dr. Steve Feuerbach Veterinarian & Relationship Manager for Pipestone Bethany Following in his father’s footsteps, a young Steve Feuerbach tagged along with his dad on farm calls. With each call more

Forecast for Change

By Mindy Smits Change can be scary, difficult, nerve-wracking…the list goes on and on. Yet change is happening all around. For some of us it is starting college or transitioning out of college. For some it is wondering what your summers will be like after your last county fair. For some the more