Local People

Teacher Feature – Kara Poynter

Teaching School:  Sycamore High School Grades:  8 - 12 Subjects:  Agriculture Sciences Number of years teaching:  18 Farm Bureau/Ag Literacy connection:  I have been a Farm Bureau member for years and when I became a teacher I connected my students to the Farm Bureau through Ag in the Classroom presentations, co-hosting the 8th Grade Farm more

Conserv FS Facility Expanded in Waterman

FS is in the midst of a large expansion project for their Waterman facility.   The new state-of-the art dry and liquid fertilizer buildings will handle ag products more efficiently and increase the volume of fertilizer available to farmers. “At Conserv FS we are committed to serving the farmers of today while more

Farm Bureau Leadership Team Elected

Farmers impart years of experience in county organization. The newly elected DeKalb County Farm Bureau leadership team provides a prominent level of experience and commitment to the organization. The four farmers average nearly two decades of Farm Bureau leadership. Newly elected leaders of the DeKalb County Farm Bureau are officers: (from left) more

Teaching Agriculture

Jenna Baker is a first year ag teacher at Tri-Point High School in Cullom, Illinois. Jenna attributes her Leland farm background and ag classes taken at Somonauk High School for her ag teaching career path. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Leadership & Science Education from the University of Illinois more

Teacher Feature – Joanie Novak

Teaching School:  Littlejohn Elementary School, DeKalb Grade:  2nd Subjects:  All Number of years teaching:  18 Farm Bureau/Ag Literacy connection:  This is my 9th year as the Agricultural Literacy Ambassador for my school. I have participated in Ag in the Classroom events while teaching 4th, 5th, and now 2nd grade, and I participate in as many more

Farm Animal Companions

A farmer’s best friend is oftentimes their dog – by their side in the shop, riding with them in the pickup truck/tractor, or herding livestock. But other farm animals also provide companionship for farmers and their families. Featured are farm family members with their favorite farm animal companions. Justis Willrett & more

New & Retiring Farm Bureau Directors

Clausen & Paulsen New FB Directors Farmers Jeff Clausen and Chris Paulsen were recently elected to the DeKalb County Farm Bureau Board of Directors. Jeff Clausen of Genoa and Chris Paulsen of Clare were recently seated on the Farm Bureau Board of Directors. As a young farmer, Chris Paulsen says, “I look forward more

A Drive for Animal Science Degrees

Jacquelyn Prestegaard has a special affinity for farm animals. Her affection for bovines, in particular, began with visits to her grandparent’s beef farm and showing cattle. “I showed beef cattle in 4-H for almost 10 years, which definitely played a part in my college major,” said Jacquelyn. Jacquelyn showed beef cattle more

Teacher Feature – Sandy Arndt

Teaching School:  Genoa-Kingston Middle SchoolGrade:  7th GradeSubject:  Life ScienceNumber of years teaching:  15 yearsFarm Bureau/Ag Literacy connection:  I am the Ag Literacy Ambassador for my school. My family has been a part of Farm Bureau forever, and I was a recipient of a Farm Bureau scholarship way back in the day.What more

Golden Girls: Farm Women Reflect on a Century of Change

DeKalb County Farm Bureau features three of its longtime members, farm women, who reflect on a century of changes on their family farms and in our country. Jeanne Pritchard, Florence Hipple, and Gladys Schnorr share their farm stories. These farm women reflect on farming, family and faith in their golden years. Imagine more