Green Thumb – Bearded Iris

Irises are easy to grow, long-lived, and relatively carefree perennials, making them some of the most popular flowers in gardens. They can also be found in a variety of colors, ranging from pink, purple, yellow, peach, green, white, tan, bronze, to almost black, and bi-color. The American Iris Society divides irises more

Country Thoughts – Severe Weather

When Spring is in the air... so is severe weather No matter where you live, it’s near-certain that springtime is going to bring a change to the weather. Sometimes that weather can be severe. Whether it’s thunderstorms and tornadoes or drought and wildfires, being prepared is the best first step to keep more

Reflections – Hinckley Basketball History

Hinckley’s excitement over sports goes back to the early 1900s when town teams in baseball and then basketball were recognized as some of the best anywhere in the state. The 1926 high school basketball team was especially talented and won second place among much larger schools in an invitational tournament at more

Family Farm Heritage

Honoring Centennial Farms in DeKalb County Almburg FarmCity: MaltaTownship: MaltaOriginal Date of Purchase: 1887Current Owners: Almburg FamilyAcres: 320 acres originally, currently 46 acres & homestead Farm History: Andrew Almburg immigrated from Sweden in 1850 at nine years of age. He went to local DeKalb schools and worked as a farmhand around the DeKalb more

Farm Bureau Legislative Priorities for 2022

The Illinois Farm Bureau Board of Directors has approved state legislative initiatives for the new year that will benefit Illinois farmers. 2022 State Legislative Priorities: • Seek to maintain Illinois’ current tax policies that provide economic stability for the agricultural industry including the agricultural sales tax exemptions for seed, feed, fertilizer/chemicals, and more

Year in Review – By the Numbers

6,100 Members benefitted from Farm Bureau programs and services. 29 Students received college scholarships to further their studies in agriculture, science or medicine. 2,230 Students and 108 teachers explored agriculture by utilizing supplies and resources created for the 1st-5th grade Ag in the Classroom program. 10 Issues of the CONNECTIONS magazine helped members more

Country Thoughts

Creating Your Post-Pandemic Budget As vaccinations continue to roll out and restrictions loosen, our saving and spending may revert to our pre-pandemic ways. Here are some tips to look ahead and plan your post-pandemic budget. First, ask yourself: “What changed?” • We spent more on eating-in than eating-out • As we nested-in-place, we discovered more

What is That? – Combine Heads

At harvest, farmers use a combine to pick corn and cut soybeans. The combine is the main harvesting machine that powers through the county’s top crops from September through November. On the front of the combine is an attachment known as the head. The head is powered by the PTO (power more

Local farmers harvest corn, soybeans, and so much more!

Field corn and soybeans are the BIG 2 farm crops harvested here in DeKalb County. But that’s not all. Fall harvest also includes specialty crops like apples, pumpkins, red raspberries, grapes, gourds, squash, Indian corn, popcorn, sweet corn and a few other crops. From these crops, we get a variety of more