Handmade & Heartwarming Gifts

As we wrap up the year welcoming in the holidays, the kitchen is a perfect workshop to create gifts from your hands and heart. As a former loyal 4-H member I loved the symbols of Head, Heart, Hands, Health. It was a great influence on my culinary career and has stayed more

Fall Favorite: Sweet Potatoes

Fall is a wonderful time of year for cooking. The weather is cooling; the vegetables are plentiful. One of those fall vegetables is sweet potatoes. They are nutritious, easy to prepare and very versatile. Sweet potatoes are a wonderful source of beta carotene; they also provide Vitamin A, C, B6 and the more

How sweet it is!

Sweet corn season is here. Corn picked fresh from the field and placed on the grill is a wonderful treat.Mexican street corn called Elote is a favorite of many. It is corn on the cob gilled then coated with salt, chile powder, butter, cotija cheese, lime juice and mayonnaise or crema more

Ah, Asparagus

Spring is here. Soon we will be out gathering those first shoots of spring. Rhubarb, arugula, herbs and asparagus, to name just a few. Let’s take a closer look at asparagus. It is very easy to prepare and cooks quickly, a nice contrast to the tough skinned, long cooking winter roots. Asparagus more

Warm Up with Warm Drinks

Winter is a time we crave the comfort of sipping warm drinks. It’s important to stay hydrated in the winter, as much as the warm weather months. Select beverages that have little added sugar, sodium or saturated fats but provide health enhancing ingredients. Tea is a favorite of many, very simple to more

Holiday Food

The holidays are a special time of year. Yes, this year will look a bit different than many of our traditional gatherings, but one thing that stays the same is the special food we share and enjoy. Some of us like to stick with the traditional foods served each year. Others prefer more

Squash Season

Fall is a wonderful time for squash.  Squash comes in many varieties: spaghetti squash, acorn squash, butternut squash and pumpkin. These varieties are referred to as winter squash because they are harvested in the fall and will keep well through the winter months. When selecting squash look for a hard, tough rind more

Simple Summertime Supper

Mid-summer vegetables are plenty and very versatile. Summer squash are tender and delicious enjoyed raw, grilled or baked. They are light and take on flavors well. Fresh herbs shine bright as they finish this very simple dish for summertime suppers. Select squash that is small to medium in size; as they grow more

Springtime Cooking

Spring is a time of hope as nature emerges from its long winters rest. Now more than ever this symbol of hope is welcomed to all of us. Get out in your yard or garden and look for the beautiful first sprouts, buds showing themselves off ready to offer us nutrition to more

Make No Bones About It

Bone broth is an economical and delicious way to add nutrition to your everyday meals. Stocks and broths are definitions used interchangeable in the home kitchen. Commercially they are very different. Stocks are not seasoned – they are meant to be neutral in flavor. Broths are seasoned so they taste good more