Country Thoughts – Post Pandemic Get-Togethers

Posted: June 8, 2021

As homeowners look forward to hosting post pandemic get-togethers, it’s important to ensure your home is physically safe for guests.

Here are some tips to ensure your home is in top shape and free of hazards for your post pandemic birthday party, backyard BBQ or garage sale on your property.

• Clean surfaces such as patio pavers and decking to ensure they are free of moss and algae which can cause the surfaces to be slippery. Fix broken bricks or tiles to avoid trip hazards.

• Check outdoor stair railings to ensure they are secure, and pathways and steps and are well lit.

• Inspect fencing and gates for loose or protruding edges or nails.

• Ensure your area rugs and runners have no slip pads to prevent slips and falls.

If children will be present:

• Make sure cleaning products and harsh chemicals are behind locked doors or out of reach.

• Ensure upper windows are secure and tippable furniture is properly secured.

• Inspect and maintain your play structure and trampolines regularly. Check for protruding bolts and open hooks that could pose injury, and for broken ropes or rusted chains that need to be replaced. Use nets and pads with trampolines to prevent users from falling off the trampoline.

• If you have a pool, ensure there is a barrier surrounding it to keep young children from entering the area. Install a fence and alarms for any doors that enter the pool area. Post your safety rules and strictly enforce them with guests. Keep a first aid kit nearby, as well as ring buoys and reach poles. Learn how to shut off filters and pumps, and post instructions for others in case of emergency.

“Regular maintenance for backyard property is an essential part of preventing injuries,” said Phil Hasz, COUNTRY Financial DeKalb County agency manager. “Homeowners should also talk with their insurance representative about the types of coverages they have for accidents and injuries that take place on their property. Adding an umbrella policy can be an affordable way to reduce your vulnerability.”