Country Thoughts – Severe Weather

April 22, 2022

When Spring is in the air… so is severe weather

No matter where you live, it’s near-certain that springtime is going to bring a change to the weather. Sometimes that weather can be severe.

Whether it’s thunderstorms and tornadoes or drought and wildfires, being prepared is the best first step to keep you and yours safe.

A fall 2021 COUNTRY Financial survey showed one in five Americans have dealt with storm-related damage to their home and another two in five believe it will eventually happen to them, too.
So let’s get you ready.

Look at the stats
Even if you haven’t experienced one of these weather events, you may down the road. Here are the most common weather events people experience, broken down geographically:
• Northeast – Severe thunderstorms (46%) and flooding (31%)
• South – Severe thunderstorms (54%) and hurricanes (33%)
• West – Extreme drought (54%) and wildfires (48%)
• Midwest – Severe thunderstorms (60%) and extreme cold (40%)
Interestingly, people across all four regions list extreme heat in the three most common weather issues they face.

Build your emergency kit and show your family where it is
This is one of those things we all say we should do, but too few of us spend the time to put it together. But it’s easy when you know what to include. The Centers for Disease Control recommends:
• Battery-operated flashlight & NOAA Weather radio (and extra batteries for each)
• An emergency evacuation and shelter plan including a map of your home
• A list of important personal information, like:
• Telephone numbers of neighbors, family and friends
• Insurance and property information (we make that info available on the COUNTRY Financial Mobile app)
• Telephone numbers of utility companies
• Medical information
• A first-aid kit
• A three-to-five day supply of bottled water and
non-perishable food
• Personal hygiene items
• Blankets or sleeping bags
• A separate emergency kit for your car

Meet with your insurance rep at least once a year
Many overlook this one, but you need to confirm you have the right insurance coverage in the event your home is damaged in a weather event, especially in a complex inflationary market where you likely notice a higher price for home renovations/repair. Your rep will explain it all and get you the coverage you need.

Create a video inventory of your home
No professional video experience is needed, and you can do one in 10 minutes or less.

Regular home maintenance
Keep your trees trimmed, don’t forget to clean out those gutters, and always keep an eye on the age and condition of your roof.

For more information contact your COUNTRY Financial representative or the agency office at 815-756-8026.