DeKalb County 4-H Fair Goes Virtual

Posted: June 18, 2020

Like many other summer events, the DeKalb County 4-H Fair will not be the same as in past year’s but will take on a virtual format.

That means that projects will not be taken to the Farm Bureau Building as part of the General Projects Show in July and livestock will not be shown at the Sandwich Fairgrounds. Instead, 4-H members will submit photos/videos of their projects to be judged virtually.

“I know this is an important event for many in our community and we appreciate your passion and commitment to 4-H during this time,” says Nicole Groezinger, DeKalb County 4-H Program Coordinator.

University of Illinois Extension provided guidance about events sponsored by Extension following guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health and University of Illinois. They are:

•  4-H members will have an opportunity to exhibit their project work and finish their 4-H year. The state 4-H office has invested in an online system that will allow members to submit documentation such as photos of their project and provide an explanation about their work. This will serve as their exhibit. Videos will be used for judging livestock and horse projects. The process is part of the 4-H Fair Entry.

•  Although this system doesn’t allow for in-person, real-time discussion, judges will provide vital learning feedback for exhibitors.

•  4-H will continue the same award and recognition system, including selection of state fair delegates. Should the state fair be cancelled, the exhibits nominated will again be judged through the online system used for virtual county exhibitions.

•  Because of the planning time and resources involved in each of the 4-H events, Extension is not able to postpone and stack all events for a later time in the summer. It is also uncertain at this time when large group gatherings will be allowed and considered safe according to public health guidelines.

Emails have been sent to 4-H members. The DeKalb County Extension will provide training documents and other materials to help 4-H members.

Show us your projects, 4-H Members!

Send in photos to be featured in the Farm Bureau magazine.

This year’s DeKalb County 4-H Fair won’t be the same as seeing projects up close on display and watching ringside as livestock are shown. But Farm Bureau still wants to see your projects!

The DeKalb County Farm Bureau is asking 4-H members to submit a photo of their project for possible use in the CONNECTIONS magazine. Photos must be good quality and clearly show the 4-H member with their project.

Members are also asked to provide a brief explanation of the project and appropriate contact information such as 4-H member’s name, address, 4-H Club, and phone number.

Farm Bureau will choose as many photos as possible to use in the July magazine. 4-H members may submit photos to: by July 3. Any questions may be directed to Mariam Wassmann, 815-756-6361.