DeKalb County Ag By the Numbers – Seed Corn Bags or Boxes?

Posted: March 22, 2018

Farmers have a choice between purchasing seed corn (and soybeans) in bags or boxes.



Seed corn bags have been around for years, first made out of burlap and then paper. Bags vary in size from 35 to 65 pounds. Farmers open each bag and fill each row unit of their planter.

One bag of seed corn contains 80,000 kernels and plants about 2.5 acres.


The newer, large plastic boxes also hold seed, equivalent to about 50 bags. The large boxes are placed on seed tenders and used for central fill planters whereby the seed is augered out of the bottom of the box into the large, central tank on the planter and then dispersed into the row units of the planter.

One seed box holds 4 million kernels of seed corn and plants about 125 acres.

Today, about 50% of farmers are using seed bags and 50% are using seed boxes.