Digging into Farm Life

Posted: May 30, 2023

Farm Field Trip for Dummer Students

Sandwich area farmers Alan and JoAnn Adams and their family once again hosted fourth graders from Dümmer Elementary on a field trip to their farm this spring.

About 130 students from six classrooms visited the farm in May. While there, they learned how beef cattle are raised, explored farm machinery, discovered the importance of soil, investigated ears of field corn, and more.

The farm field trip was part of Farm Bureau’s Ag Literacy program.

Alan Adams turns over field soil as he explains the importance of organisms that live in healthy soil.
These fourth graders sit on the base of a grain bin as they learn about the parts of an ear of corn.
Farm employee David Meyer explains how different farm implements are used in crop production.
Ross Adams shows students feed components during a walk through the feedlot building.