Family Farm Heritage

Honoring Centennial Farms in DeKalb County

Almburg Farm
City: Malta
Township: Malta
Original Date of Purchase: 1887
Current Owners: Almburg Family
Acres: 320 acres originally, currently 46 acres & homestead

Farm History:

Andrew Almburg immigrated from Sweden in 1850 at nine years of age. He went to local DeKalb schools and worked as a farmhand around the DeKalb area. At the age of 21, he was called to fight in the Civil War, Aug. 15, 1862, with Company K 105th Regiment of Illinois Infantry volunteers. Andrew was discharged on June 7, 1865.

Andrew Almburg

He returned to DeKalb County and continued to work and save his money to buy the first 80 acres in Section 36 of Malta Township. He purchased the land from Jacob Haish in 1887 for $31.25 per acre. It was appraised in 1894 for $50 an acre.

This aerial view shows the Almburg Farmstead in 2001.

He continued to buy adjoining parcels and built a new home in 1901 that still stands today where the fifth and sixth generations of Almburgs now reside.

The Almburgs donated a one-acre parcel of land at the corner of University and Fairview roads to the DeKalb County School District where a one-room schoolhouse was built, known as the Anderson School and Almburg School. John, Joe, Ludvick, Amos, Mary, Lois and Fred Almburg all attended this country school.

Andrew Almburg bought his first 80 acres from Jacob Haish in 1887 for $31.25 per acre.

The Centennial Farm has always been farmed by a member of the Almburg Family and this year will be cropped as an organic farm.

Steve and Anne Almburg live in the Almburg home built by Steve’s great-grandfather Andrew in 1901. Shown on the front porch is the entire family, Steve and Anne, along with sons and daughter-in-laws Andrew & Jessica, Eric & Hayley, Adam & Taryn and their children.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture’s Centennial Farm Program honors generations of farmers who have worked to maintain family farms for 100+ years. The DeKalb County Farm Bureau recognizes these local farms and families – the second in a series of features. To have your farm featured, contact the Farm Bureau.