Family Farm Heritage

Posted: December 13, 2022

Honoring Sesquicentennial Farms in DeKalb County

Tindall Farm

City: Kirkland
Township: South Grove
Original Date of Purchase: 1843
Current Owners: Rich & Lyn Tindall, Tyler & Kristen Tindall, Tracy & Eric Keyster and Cheryl Tindall
Acres: 465

Farm History: In 1841, Jesse Tindall came from Michigan to locate on a farm in South Grove near Kirkland, IL. His family lived in a log house until they moved into a new frame house on the farm a few years later.

George Monroe Tindall, the second generation of Tindalls, was a farmer and state senator in the early 1900s.

Jesse received land grants from President James Polk in 1843 to purchase farmland. Today, one of those land grants signed by President Polk hangs proudly in the Richard Tindall home.

The Tindall Farm is registered as one of Illinois’ Sesquicentennial farms. It has been continuously farmed by a Tindall for 179 years.

Generations of Tindalls have farmed their land for 179 years. Shown in 1995 are (top to bottom) George, Marshall, Harry, Richard and Tyler Tindall and Austin Blassage (Richard’s grandson).

Jesse’s son, George Monroe, took over the farm and during that time in the early 1900s he served in the state legislature. In 1911, he turned over the farm to his son, Roy. In 1936, Roy retired and the farm was then operated by his sons, George Richards and Harry.

George’s son, Richard, returned home in 1980 and began farming the land. Richard and Lyn raised their four children – Trisha, Tracy, Tiffany and Tyler – on the family farm. As their children grew, they also helped over the years with the day-to-day farming. Rich and Lyn still reside on the family farm.

Today, the three generations of Tindalls which are involved in the family farm are: Caleb, Tyler, Richard, and Connor.

In 2015, Richard’s son, Tyler, began farming. Tyler is the sixth generation family farmer. Tyler and Kristen have three children – Caleb, Connor and Claire. Their oldest son, Caleb, started actively driving tractors and working in the fields this year. Austin Blassage and Keaton Rauman, Richard’s grandsons, have also been engaged in the farming operation helping their Uncle Tyler.

Tyler purchased some of the original farmland in 2018. Tyler is now an organic farmer raising wheat, oats, corn, soybeans, and popcorn. Tyler uses no fertilizer or chemicals but utilizes crop rotations for weed control. His farming practices relate back to his great-great grandfather’s methods.

The Tindall farmhouse was built in 1845 and occupied by the families of Jesse, George Monroe, Roy and George Richards. Shown in this early 1900’s photo are George Richards, Mamie, Roy, and George Monroe Tindall.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture’s Centennial & Sesquicentennial Farms Program honors generations of farmers who have worked to maintain family farms for 100+ years. The DeKalb County Farm Bureau recognizes these local farms and families – the ninth in a series of features. To have your farm featured, contact the Farm Bureau.