Farm Bureau Represents Farmers

Posted: February 12, 2020

A Trusted Resource and Advocate for Farming and Agriculture

Since the early beginnings of Farm Bureau the organization has been a “Voice of Organized Agriculture” speaking out on behalf of farmers and representing them on all fronts.

Farm Bureau’s unified voice has been effective in lobbying for legislation, working to improve farm profitability, bettering the environment, monitoring regulations, building trust with consumers, focusing on trade and other local, state and national issues important to agriculture.

Take a look at some of these latest accomplishments of Farm Bureau – your organization that is working for you!

USMCA Trade Agreement

This is a great victory for Farm Bureau and American Agriculture. One in every five acres planted in Illinois helps feed Mexican and Canadian consumers.

Phase 1 in the China Trade Talks

Illinois farmers are ready to regain our trading position with China… “We are well-positioned to fulfill China’s demand of soybeans, pork and additional commodities, and this agreement provides a pathway for the next generation of Illinois young farmers,” said Richard Guebert, Illinois Farm Bureau president.

US-Japan Trade Agreement

The agreement opens up markets for Illinois farmers and again provides benefits between the two countries.

“Navigable Waters Protection Rule”

This new rule replaces WOTUS and respects the rights of states to regulate water while providing farmers and landowners certainty and clarity. Efforts of our Illinois Farm Bureau members were a true grassroots effort in sharing our concerns over the former rules.

Market Facilitation Payments (MFP)

Farm Bureau was instrumental in voicing farmer support for MFP payments made available through the USDA to assist farmers with cash flow needs and other challenges faced during this difficult growing season.

Ag Disaster Declaration

Farm Bureau applauded the Agricultural Disaster Declaration that was announced for all 102 counties. This helped provide additional assistance to farmers through the USDA assistance.

Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

Farm Bureau continues to fight for Illinois producers in maintaining integrity in the RFS. Farm Bureau has urged the USDA to quickly act on an infrastructure package to accommodate higher blends.

Three-Year Moratorium on the Livestock Facilities Management Act

Farm Bureau’s efforts in securing a three-year moratorium for livestock producers provides stability for those producers wishing to expand their operations for future generations.

Sales Tax Exemptions on Farm Inputs

Farm Bureau has successfully defended agriculture’s need for existing exemptions which protects farmers’ financial interests in their farming operations.

Census Bureau Assistance

Farm Bureaus throughout Illinois will assist members in accurately reporting numbers for the US Census. The accurate accounting of rural residents in Illinois will in turn benefit local taxing bodies with funding sources dependent on the 2020 census.

Local Involvement

Farm Bureau continues to represent farmers at the local level. Locally, we are active in zoning, utility, infrastructure and drainage issues where we share the farmer’s voice and monitor these issues regularly.