Get Your Rural Water Well Tested

Posted: July 13, 2018

Rural residents in DeKalb County can have their well water tested through a program offered by the Farm Bureau in August. The water screening will include extensive testing for commonly used agricultural chemicals by Heidelberg Laboratories based in Ohio. Water testing kits may be obtained Aug. 20-24 at the DeKalb County Farm Bureau office. The water sample should be taken on Aug. 27 and be returned to the Farm Bureau office the same day.

Water samples are screened for methachlor and alachlor herbicides like Aatrex, Dual, Harness and Marksman. Aatrazine, found in Aatrex, Marksman, and other combination herbicides, is one of the most prevalent herbicides found in private water supplies. Other screenings include nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, chloride sulfates, soluble reactive phosphorus, silica and conductivity.

Cost of the testing is $85, payable to Heidelberg Labs, when acquiring a kit at the Farm Bureau office. The water screening program is being offered to Farm Bureau rural members. Test results will be mailed to members and will be confidential.