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Posted: December 16, 2020

November FARM Bags feature field corn

Prairie View Elementary 2nd grader Caden Hoyt had just three words to describe his reaction to the field corn activities his class had just completed: “Best. Day. Ever!”

Prairie View 2nd graders from Sandwich learned about corn harvest from farmer Ed Cowan.

Kim Gudmunson’s 2nd grade students in Sandwich were just 19 of over 400 children who explored field corn via the FARM (Food & Agriculture Resources Monthly) bags developed for November. Each bag contained an ear of corn to examine, husk, and shell while learning about the parts of the ear; an inquiry activity on corn uses; and a Corn Ag Mag.

Caden Hoyt, 2nd grader at Prairie View Elementary (Sandwich), shows off his completed corn diagram and ear of field corn.

“Our class had just taken a ‘field trip’ to Mr. Cowan’s field [across the street from the school]. We loved learning even more about the corn that we just saw in the field,” says Gudmunson. “They love the hands-on learning that we are able to achieve with these bags. They can’t wait for me to pick up the new bag each month and they love guessing what the next one will be!”

FARM Bag supplies will be available by request from DeKalb County Farm Bureau’s Ag Literacy program during each month of the 2020-2021 school year. Each FARM Bag includes a hands-on activity, informational reading in the form of an Ag Mag, links to related videos, and recommended books to read. Request forms for upcoming FARM Bag supplies can be found at the links below.

FARM Bag supply requests are now being taken on the Ag Literacy website: