Local Farmers Donate to Foundation Through Bayer

August 18, 2022

The DeKalb County Farm Bureau Foundation is reaping the benefits of the America’s Farmers Grow Communities program of Bayer thanks to two local farmers.

Colleen Hogan Marshall, DeKalb farmer, and Ken Stark, Malta farmer, directed $5,000 each from the Bayer Fund to the Foundation for Ag in the Classroom and other agricultural-related programs.

“I was excited to be selected for this charitable program of Bayer,” said Colleen. “I’m a huge supporter of Ag in the Classroom and other initiatives funded by the Farm Bureau Foundation.”

Colleen and her husband Kevin Marshall farm in DeKalb and Kane counties and own AgriFlite West, an aerial application business.

Colleen Hogan Marshall of DeKalb (above) and Ken Stark (below) of Malta proudly hold banners announcing they are winners of the America’s Farmers Grow Communities Bayer program. Both farmers chose the DeKalb County Farm Bureau Foundation to benefit Ag in the Classroom and other agricultural education programs.

This was the second time Colleen’s name was randomly selected by Bayer to direct a donation to a charitable organization. Ken indicated his wife, Kris, had been chosen in the past for the same program.

Ken stated, “I like what Ag in the Classroom does to help kids learn more about farming, which is especially important to reach non-farm kids.”

Ken farms in rural Malta with his father and son and also works for Hendrickson’s Flying Service.

For more than a decade, America’s Farmers Grow Communities has partnered with farmers to direct funds to programs and organizations that contribute to their communities’ health and vibrancy, such as Farm Bureau Foundations, schools, food banks and youth agriculture programs. Since 2010, Bayer has awarded nearly $65 million to rural communities across the country.

The program allows farmers to enroll for the chance to direct a $5,000 donation to a local eligible nonprofit organization of their choice.

“The Farm Bureau Foundation appreciates these farmer donations earmarked for Ag in the Classroom and other educational programs and the generosity of Bayer,” said Mariam Wassmann, Foundation Administrator.

Farmers can enroll for the opportunity to direct a 2023 Grow Communities donation at: www.Americasfarmers.com or phone 877-267-3332.