Lockout Tagout Part of Grain Bin Safety

Posted: March 18, 2020

Safeguard against running augers.

Lockout Tagout (LOTO) is a safety practice that protects farm employees from moving parts in grain bins.

A padlock and a danger tag prevent uncontrolled electricity from machines or equipment. When potentially hazardous equipment is identified for maintenance, it should be placed on LOTO which includes adding a visual lock and tag to the energy isolation points.

The lock and tag not only create a barrier to prohibit usage, but also create awareness to employees so they know not to use or go near the machinery or equipment on LOTO.

LOTO is a safety practice that helps to provide protection to employees. Equipment and machinery identified for LOTO are capable of unexpected start-ups which may result in the harmful release of hazardous energy.

The lock and tag are crucial to farmers and farm employee safety. When it comes to the maintenance of equipment on LOTO only specifically identified employees such as electricians with proper maintenance training and technical backgrounds are suitable to approach and provide possible servicing.

Tag Out Kits available at Farm Bureau

Stop by the Farm Bureau office and ask for a free tag out kit. The danger tags have been provided by the Illinois Farm Bureau. Farmers are urged to use the tags before entry into a grain bin, before repairs or servicing grain bin equipment.