Make No Bones About It

February 13, 2020

Bone broth is an economical and delicious way to add nutrition to your everyday meals.

Stocks and broths are definitions used interchangeable in the home kitchen. Commercially they are very different. Stocks are not seasoned – they are meant to be neutral in flavor. Broths are seasoned so they taste good on their own.

Simple broth or stock extracts the rich minerals and amino acids available in the bones. They are rich in gelatin which is a wonderful support to both the digestive system and skin health.

Good bone broth relies on roasting the bones before a very long simmer. Roasting brings forward flavor as it pulls out a good amount of fat that takes away the greasy film in the broth. The greasy film sometimes creates an off flavor; the roasting creates a more complex flavor adding deliciousness.

The addition of vinegar helps pull more minerals out of the bones.

Local beef farmers are a good source of bones from the meat they raise. If possible, source a variety of bones including neck, knuckle and small number of marrow bones to create the richest broth in nutrients and flavor.