Meet Brent & Kyla – PM Members

Posted: February 13, 2019

Brent and Kyla Hueber are connected to agriculture in so many ways that’s why they became PM members of the DeKalb County Farm Bureau.

The Professional M (PM) membership is for those in agribusiness professions who are supportive of agriculture, but are not farmers or landowners (M members).

Previously, the Huebers were Associate members but reclassified to better align their membership with their professions.

Brent, with a livestock farm background, is a loan officer for Compeer Financial. He is based out of Compeer’s main office in the Farm Bureau Building. “I enjoy networking as an agribusiness professional,” said Brent, one reason for reclassifying their membership. “I also think it’s important to be part of the community.”

Brent’s family owns Hueber, LLC in Creston, a grain and feed company. He worked for the family business and then Case IH Distributor before having the opportunity to join 1st Farm Credit (now Compeer) two years ago. Brent provides financial loans for growers and investors with ag assets.

Kyla, whose grandparents are cattle and grain farmers, uses Farm Bureau as a resource for ag literacy. “Farm Bureau provides some great materials for classroom instruction,” said Kyla, a third grade teacher at Southeast School in Sycamore. She recently piloted a new third grade Ag in the Classroom lesson.

“As a teacher, I have found the Farm Bureau to be quite resourceful,” she said. Kyla has utilized Farm Bureau for field trip grants and also has participated in the Summer Ag Institute. “There is so much misinformation about food/agriculture and Farm Bureau helps us understand the science-based truth versus memes on Facebook.”

The Huebers of Sycamore have two young children Foster, 6, and Devyn, 5. Foster was pictured in CONNECTIONS magazine last year as a winning photo in Farm Bureau’s photo contest. “We enjoy reading the magazine, too,” said Kyla, another Farm Bureau benefit.

Both Brent and Kyla are busy with their young children’s sports. Currently, Brent coaches Foster’s basketball team while Kyla takes Devyn to dance.

Are you an Associate member in an agribusiness field? You can reclassify your membership to a PM member by calling the Farm Bureau office, 815-756-6361.