Out of the Field & Into the Classroom

In February, over 3,000 first through fourth grade students experienced agriculture within their own classrooms as part of the Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) presentations. Thanks to over 100 volunteers from throughout DeKalb County, these students learned about corn, cows, and so much more!

AITC offers different agriculture lessons tailored to each grade level. Area farmers, agriculture professionals, retired teachers, and FFA members taught students four lessons provided by DeKalb County Farm Bureau Ag Literacy.

First Grade

More Than a Seed

Students learned about the uses of corn and soybeans then planted their own to observe germination.

Kevin Betz fills a student’s cup with vermiculite before planting seeds at Indian Creek Elementary in Waterman.


Second Grade

From Cow to Ice Cream

Volunteers taught students the importance of dairy farming and helped them make ice cream.

A student patiently waits while Sycamore FFA members Katie Wood and Dayton Ward prepare to serve ice cream made by the West Elementary class.


Third Grade

It’s an Earful

Students saw different types of corn, explored corn production, dissected corn kernels, and constructed model cornstalks.

Jim Quinn helps a student construct a cornstalk at St. Mary’s in Sycamore.


Fourth Grade

Mapping Illinois Agriculture

Products from Illinois agriculture were identified, discussed, and located on a map using coordinates.

At Jefferson Elementary in DeKalb, Steve Almburg demonstrates the power of a superabsorbant polymer, a technology originally invented in Illinois using cornstarch.


We couldn’t have done it without you!

The extensive reach of the Ag in the Classroom presentations would not be possible without the dedication of our volunteers. Many thanks to the people who made this year’s presentations happen:

Steve Almburg, Seth Arnold, Steve Bemis, Kevin & Katie Betz, Jan Bolander, Melissa Bouma, Darin Butler, Joe Bybee, Allie Clark, Ashley Copeland, Brian Deverell, Angie Dickmann, Rich & Gail Diehl, Katie Draper, Mark Ekstrom, Roger Faivre, Ashley Finney, Amanda Forrest, Steve Franklin, John Frieders, Larry Griebenow, Clint Gwaltney, Drew Hallman, Jill Carey-Hargrave, Carl Heide, Matthew Heisner, Colleen Hogan, Dean Johnson, Yvonne Johnson, Chuck Kessler, Eric Lawler, Jerry Lundeen, Sophia McComb, Brian Miller, Tom Montavon, Evan Quinn, Jim Quinn & Jane Cerutti, Kelsey Quinn, Julie Ruffatti, Becca Schweinberg, Paul & Mary Schweitzer, Lindsay Steele, Rachel Welch, Erin Willrett, DeKalb FFA, Jade Ansteth, Zack Barclay, Lauren Collin, Ethan Davis, Grace Gehrke, Jacob Glowinski, Jackson Marbutt, Brian Roach, Logan Roach, Sawyer Willrett, Trevor Yaeger, Genoa-Kingston FFA, Brooklyn Botterman, Cheyanne Busby, Logan Busby, Cassidy Campbell, Evan Campbell, Deloris Drendel, Mya Ferguson, Paola Gasca, Zoey Gearheart, Brady Heiniger, Megan Johnson, Reba Morgan, Austin Peters, Raven Ruchti, Maddie Stojan, Caleb Trzynka, Haley Voss, Ashley Zuke, Hiawatha FFA, Chase Akers, Chloe Block, Emma Carlson, Lindsey Fedrowitz, Perla Gonzalez, Travis Haak, Ryan Lauritzen, Lexi Norvel, Sophie Orozco, Justin Parisot, Nina Taylor, Emalee Thompson, Somonauk-Leland-Sandwich FFA, Reilly Banning, Jessica Carlson, Kaylee Davenport, Abigail Eckman, Leah Fox, Lizzy Franzen, Grace Gozder, Alicia Henderson, Justin Kinder, Chloe Kulton ,Ava Marshall, Lizzy Martin, Jacob Meyer, Hannah Paver, Avery Plote, Sycamore FFA, Allie Drake, Hanna Diehl, Emily Dunbar, Bradford Edwards, Megan Fidler, Nicole Hurst, Jessie Madsen, Mindy Smits, Dayton Ward, Katie Wood