Over 60 Years of Senior Scholarships

Posted: February 13, 2019

The Farm Bureau Senior Scholarship has been awarded to 1,094 students since 1956, amounting to a total of $1.6 million.

DeKalb County Farm Bureau has been financially helping students of Farm Bureau members for more than six decades through the Senior Scholarship program.

The Senior Scholarship was started in 1956. Four students were awarded $110 each for their freshmen year at Northern Illinois University. For the first five years, the scholarship was given solely to NIU students. In 1961, the scholarship was expanded to include students enrolled at any state university. Today, scholarships may be used at any college.

The number of scholarships awarded has changed from as few as three in 1963 to as many as 32 in 1990 and 1991. Currently, 10 scholarships are granted. To date, 1,094 students have received Senior Scholarships.

The monetary amount given has ranged from $110 in 1956 for a one-year scholarship to as much as $2,400 (1995-2002) for a two-year scholarship. From 1956 to 1969, students were awarded one-year scholarships. From 1970 to 2002 students were given two-year scholarships. From 2003 to the present the individual award has been $1,200 for one year. To date, over $1.6 million in scholarships have been given by Farm Bureau.

Another scholarship change that occurred through the years was with membership classifications. At first, scholarships were given to “M” farmer members’ children and then in 1965 it was changed to also include “A” Associate members’ children. In 1988 a new level of membership was developed, the “A+” Associate-Plus member. The “A+” members, as well as “M” members, qualified for scholarships. Associates, who paid less in membership dues, no longer qualified for scholarships. In 2015 the Associate-Plus membership was dropped and again both “A” and “M” members’ children were eligible for scholarships.

Farm Bureau’s Senior Scholarship is awarded annually to students with exceptional academics, leadership and community service. An impartial Scholarship Committee makes the selection based on applications.

Visit www.PlantALegacy.org to apply.