Pandemic Lesson Planning

August 14, 2020

No matter what school looks like this fall (in-person, remote, or some combination of the two), there’s no doubt it will rely on online resources more than ever.

Teachers and parents, mix up your students’ learning experiences with these engaging options!

eLearning from National Agriculture in the Classroom

If you’re not already familiar with the National Agriculture in the Classroom website,, now is the time to give it a look! Go to the Teacher Center and select eLearning for a selection of lessons adapted specifically for remote teaching and learning.

Elsewhere on the site, the Curriculum Matrix is a huge searchable collection of food-and-farm-related lessons across all subject areas and grade levels. You’ll find the lessons to be easy-to-understand and clearly laid out, with extensive background information and links to all needed documents, videos, and interactive online components like quizzes and slide shows.

Purple Plow

Brought to you by the American Farm Bureau Foundation and Corteva Agriscience, the Purple Plow Challenge site,, “encourages students to research scenarios and build prototypes to solve problems related to related to food, hunger and sustainability.” The site features STEM challenges in which 5th-12th grade students may compete. In the fall 2020 challenge, Waste Not, Want Not, students will learn about various types of waste products and develop a solution that finds a creative way of transforming it into a useful product. The site also features several Purple Plow Puzzlers—shorter STEM challenges which lend themselves nicely to at-home learning if needed.