Recap of Plant #22

Posted: June 9, 2022

Most corn and soybeans were planted in mid-May

Farmers like to start planting the county’s top crops in mid-April. But that didn’t happen this year. Cold, wet weather put a dent on planting intentions and pushed the start to a month later and behind the average pace.

When local farmers got a break in the weather, they were able to get the majority of the corn and soybean crops planted in a 10-day window of time, May 11-20. Larger equipment and farmers working round the clock were two key factors in making significant strides.

Then it rained again, on May 21. After a few days of allowing fields to dry, farmers that hadn’t finished planting returned to fields to complete the task. Most farmers wrapped up planting before Memorial Day.

The majority of local farmers finished planting corn and soybeans before Memorial Day. Shown is Bob Shoger of Hinckley.

A look at county crops

Based on the latest USDA statistics, from 2021, if farmers maintain their same crop acreage the total number of crops grown this year in DeKalb County should include:
• About 190,000 acres of field corn were planted; corn is the number one crop.
• Soybeans are the second largest crop in the county with approximately 125,000 acres.
• Wheat acres amounted to 6,000 acres.
• Oats were planted on approximately 3,700 acres.
• Hay (alfalfa, clover mix) ground comprises about 2,100 acres.