Savory Sweet Corn

August 14, 2019

Summer in the Midwest is celebrated with delicious sweet corn. Sold on the corner of country roads or grown in backyard gardens, it is the iconic symbol of summer much like the watermelon. It is a staple of the midsummer table.

Corn on the cob is simple to prepare and simple to eat, really no dishes are required. Just a grill or a pot of boiling water and tongs.

Shuck corn and remove the silk, bring a large pot of water to boil. Drop prepared ears into boiling water and leave for about 8 minutes.

Flavor companions for corn are:

  • Butter, cream, olive oil, herb butter or spicy butter
  • Salt and pepper or smoky paprika for a rich flavor
  • Minced green onions, leeks or sprinkles of flavorful cheese like feta, pepper jack or cojita.

Get the most from your corn by cooking the corn and cutting it from the cob. Create delicious simple stock using the cobs.

Cover with water and simmer the cobs along with some very basic vegetables like onion, carrot and celery. This stock is great for potato soups, vegetable soups, broccoli soups and others, well of course and corn soup.