Scenes of Science

Students of all ages, families, and teachers celebrated science at Sycamore Middle School’s 35th Annual Science Olympiad in March. DeKalb County Farm Bureau joined the fun with several agricultural science-related activities.

Volunteer Allie Clark demonstrates superabsorbent polymer behavior for an intrigued family. Superabsorbent polymers were invented by agricultural scientists at the USDA laboratory in Peoria, Illinois.
Cornstarch peanuts: packing material or construction tool? These boys were among dozens of kids who tried their hand at a “wet and stick” sculpture during the event.
Kids and adults alike tested their “Corn IQ” and checked their answers using the Kernels of Knowledge display.
Food science was one of the ag career areas featured at Farm Bureau’s career table. Here, two girls taste test Skittles to see if they can guess their flavors without seeing their colors first.
Volunteer Julie Ruffati shows students the components of a corn kernel.

Special thanks to Allie Clark, Steve Franklin, and Julie Ruffati from Bayer Crop Science in Waterman for conducting the ag science activities!