Scholarships Benefit Students

Posted: March 14, 2022

Farm Bureau Foundation will award up to 31 scholarships in 2022

Need some cash for college? Consider applying for DeKalb County Farm Bureau Foundation Scholarships.

A variety of college scholarships are offered to students of Farm Bureau families through the Farm Bureau Foundation. Scholarships are available for students in fields such as agriculture, science, medical, or any field of study.

Beginning April 1, college students may apply online at: The deadline to apply for these scholarships is Friday, June 10.

For college sophomores, juniors & seniors

NEW! Raymond & Frances Katz Ag Scholarship – To honor their late parents, the Katz family of DeKalb established a new scholarship in memory of Raymond and Frances in 2022. The scholarship is open to students enrolled at the University of Illinois, the same college Raymond & Frances graduated from. An applicant must be an Agricultural and Consumer Economics major (specifically in these fields of study: accounting, agribusiness, farm management, finance, consumer economics, environmental economics, or policy). One $2,000 scholarship will be given annually to a sophomore, junior or senior at Illinois.

Frances & Raymond Katz

Ag Discipline Scholarships – This scholarship is available to college students in agriculture-related degree programs. The $2,000 scholarship is for sophomores, juniors, and seniors in college pursuing a field of study related to agriculture. Up to three scholarships will be awarded. This scholarship was started in 1989 by the Farm Bureau.

DeKalb Ag Scholarship – The DeKalb Ag Scholarship was developed in 2020 to pay tribute to the DeKalb Ag company which originated in DeKalb, Illinois. Initial donations to this scholarship were provided by the DeKalb Ag Alumni Association and its members to carry on the ag company’s namesake. This $1,200 scholarship is for college students in their sophomore, junior or senior year with an agriculture-related degree and eventually a career in agriculture.

NEW! Leonard & Vivian Nelson Ag Scholarship – The Nelson family established this scholarship in memory of their farming parents and grandparents from Malta, Leonard and Vivian in 2021. The new scholarship provides financial assistance to students studying agriculture at a college in Illinois. One $2,000 scholarship will be awarded to a sophomore, junior or senior in college with an agricultural major.

Leonard & Vivian Nelson

Bob & Norma Wildenradt Ag Scholarship – Bob and Norma Wildenradt established this scholarship in 2020 to benefit students majoring in an ag-related field of study in pursuit of a future career in agriculture. The Wildenradts of Sycamore have a real affinity for agriculture and passion for assisting young people. One $2,000 scholarship will be awarded to an agricultural student in their sophomore, junior, or senior year at a college within the state of Illinois.

Bob & Norma Wildenradt

For college juniors & seniors

Arden & Dorothy Baie Scholarships – This scholarship was established in 2015 by the Baie family, in memory of their parents, Arden and Dorothy, formerly of Waterman. The Baies were avid supporters of agriculture and education. The scholarship is available to college juniors and seniors pursuing any field of study. Two, $1,200 scholarships will be awarded to deserving college students.

Dorothy & Arden Baie

Orville A. Olson Ag Scholarship – The Olson family created this ag scholarship in 2019 in memory of their father, Orville, a lifelong farmer and Farm Bureau member. Orville’s legacy continues with this endowed scholarship earmarked for a deserving agricultural student. This scholarship is available to college juniors and seniors majoring in an agriculture-related degree and seeking a career in a field of agriculture. One $1,200 ag scholarship will be awarded.

Orville A. Olson

Robert Morley Science Scholarships – This scholarship was established in memory of Robert Morley, a former DeKalb science teacher, in 2007. Robert Morley gifted the Farm Bureau Foundation with a generous endowment for scholarships upon his passing. The $2,000 scholarship is for juniors and seniors in college majoring in any field of science. Up to seven scholarships will be given annually.

For medical students

Medical Scholarships – The Medical Scholarship program provides assistance for students pursuing medical degrees. It was started in 1975 with a trust fund from the DeKalb County Producers Supply Company, an affiliated company which used to provide vaccines and livestock supplies for farmers in the 1930s-1960s.The scholarship is available to students studying to become physicians, veterinarians, optometrists, nurses, dentists, and other medical professions. To be eligible a student must currently be in medical school, accepted to medical school or in a four-year nursing program. Two, $2,000 scholarships will be awarded annually.