Simple Summer Entertaining

Posted: July 11, 2019

Summer is when we find ourselves gathering more, around a warm fire on a cool summer night or around a grill. The act of gathering with family, friends or our community is such an important part of our wellbeing.

Studies show that the more we gather in groups, the healthier we are. So, call up a friend or two, and schedule a summer get together today!

Tips for Successful Summer Entertaining

  • Keep the menu simple: Simple salads, fresh fruit and cold drinks will satisfy your crowd and will keep you away from cooking over a hot oven all day.
  • Plan your meal around the weather: Serve cooling foods and drinks on steamy summer nights and wait to serve richer foods on chilly end of summer evenings.
  • Borrow from your garden: Fill pails with straight from the garden sunflowers to use as decoration. If you don’t have a beautiful garden to snip flowers from, consider mason jars of herbs.
  • Encourage mingling: Set up tables in separate areas, drinks in one spot, desserts in another. If guests have to cross the backyard to grab a drink, they’re more likely to strike up a conversation along the way.
  • Lay out “sturdy snacks”: Place bowls of mixed nuts around your party. A simple food that will not spoil quickly in the hot sun, and will be one less thing you have to prepare.

Here is a simple recipe that will be sure to please the next time you entertain:

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