Small Bag, ‘Lotta Ag’

Posted: October 1, 2020

FARM Bags are coming!

Children can enjoy ag at their fingertips with these interactive supplies. Beginning in October, DeKalb County Farm Bureau will provide supplies to any group willing to assemble the FARM (Food & Agriculture Resources Monthly) Bags and distribute them to families.

Here’s how it will work:

1. During each month of the school year, Farm Bureau will develop a thematic activity and related resources.

2. Groups such as FFA chapters, schools, (teachers) or public libraries fill out a request form detailing who will be assembling the bags, how they will be distributed, and the number of students they plan to reach.

3. Farm Bureau prepares supplies for pickup at the Center for Agriculture.

4. Requesting groups pick up their supplies and organize them into individual bags and distribute the bags.

FARM Bags will include:

Information about the month’s theme in the form of an Ag Mag or fact sheet
Instructions to conduct a hands-on activity
Supplies needed for the activity
Links to suggested videos for further learning
Recommended reading ideas

FARM Bag supply requests are now being taken for the following:


Hinckley-Big Rock FFA assembles FARM Bags for local libraries

An email from HBR FFA Advisor Tracey Sanderson ignited the FARM Bags idea. “I had been trying to figure out a new way to get ag literacy reading materials and hands-on supplies to kids,” says Ag Literacy Coordinator Rhodora Collins. With school districts conducting remote learning—either entirely or partially—the normal channel of getting materials to children via their teachers wouldn’t work.

“Tracey wanted a way for her FFA members to give back to the community,” explains Collins. “She asked if we could choose activities and gather supplies so in turn FFA members could provide the time and labor to assemble and then deliver the bags to their local libraries. I realized this was a plan that could work on a wider scale.” Hinckley-Big Rock FFA worked in partnership with Farm Bureau, Big Rock Public Library, and Hinckley Public Library to provide 75 apple-themed FARM Bags in September and will continue the project in the coming months.