Soups On!

Fall is in full swing. With the days getting shorter and the air becoming crisper, we look to foods that comfort and warm us. We gravitate to soup.

Soup is the wonderful one pot meal that is so versatile. A favorite of our students here is the Roasted Red Pepper Soup. Not only is it beautiful and delicious it is packed with nutrients.

Red bell peppers are loaded with Vitamin C, one of the top vegetable sources for this vitamin, a wonderful immune booster for this flu season. It’s also rich in Vitamin B6 and carotenoids. The B vitamins offer great support for energy and carotenoids are beneficial antioxidants, wonderful disease fighters as they build immunity and support eye health. What a great bundle of benefits!

Bell peppers are so versatile, delicious raw or cooked. Select firm skinned peppers, a bit heavy for their size. The peppers need to stay well hydrated as they lose moisture very easily. Store them with a damp paper towel in the vegetable drawer to stay well hydrated.