Teacher Feature – Lisa Fleming


School:  Indian Creek High School
Grade:  Freshmen thru seniors
Subjects:  Geometry and calculus
Number of years teaching:  18 years
Farm Bureau/Ag Literacy connection:  I have been an Ag Literacy Ambassador for many years and participated in the Harvest Dinner as a farmer. I farm with my husband and son.

What do you enjoy most about teaching? My favorite part about teaching is having conversations with students. I tell them teaching isn’t a job, it’s just me having a conversation about math with them.

What is something unique that you do in your classroom? I took my students on a field trip to Marquis Energy Ethanol Plant in Hennepin. We toured the facilities and saw how efficient, clean, and big the plant is. The students were amazed at the amount of ethanol produced each day, and how many trucks are needed to bring corn to the plant. It made a connection to their everyday lives.

Why is it important for students to learn about food and farming? Students are removed from the farm even though we are surrounded by fields. They need to understand that my family would never grow food that wasn’t safe for them. They need to trust what we do on our farm and ask WHY? Most farmers are willing to share their story if someone asks.


Hometown:  Shabbona – I went to school in the district I now teach in!
Family:  Husband, Greg, and two children, Dane and Samantha
College/Degree(s):  Bachelor’s Degree in Math Education from NIU; Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Educational Leadership from Aurora University


Quote:  “Whatever you are, be a good one.” Abraham Lincoln
Hobbies:  Helping on the farm, reading, cooking
Music:  I love 80’s rock which I believe they call “retro” now.
Travel destination:  Disney World