The ABC’s of Farm Bureau Young Leaders

September 19, 2019

Are you interested in agriculture and between the ages of 18-35? Join the DeKalb County Young Leaders.

As a Young Leader you will have opportunities to tour agribusinesses, meet new friends, develop professional skills, and make a difference within your community. It’s as easy as ABC.

Always make time to meet people.

Nearly 40 Young Leaders gathered in August for an annual cookout at Karl Faivre’s family pond in DeKalb. They spent time grilling and getting to know new faces. The event is a great opportunity for people in agriculture to meet others with the same interest in a fun-filled, summer setting.

Be open to other’s opinions.

Young Leaders participated in the District Discussion Meet in August. Participants discussed the future of food technologies and how to innovate new uses of agricultural products to benefit agriculture. Jake Willrett advanced to the state Discussion Meet scheduled for December.

(From left) Jake Willrett, Michael Long, and Crystal Dau share ideas for the future of agriculture during the Young Leaders District Discussion Meet.

Continue to explore and educate.

You are never too old to take field trips! Young Leaders joined the Farm Bureau Board of Directors for a tour of Fair Oaks Farms. They explored working dairy and pig farms and the Fair Oaks’ Crop Adventure. The best part? Ending the day with ice cream.

Young Leader Amy Newell practices her swine ultra-sounding skills during a tour of Fair Oaks Farms.

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