What is That? Seed Signs

Posted: August 14, 2020

As you drive by corn and soybean fields you may see some signs at the edge of the fields.

Seed companies and farmers post these signs to promote their particular varieties of corn or soybeans. It’s sort of like having mini billboards in the countryside.

Some think that these signs are posted on corporate farms. That’s not true. These signs are usually posted on a family farm, like these at Craig Rice’s farm northeast of Waterman. Craig alternates crops so one year he grows field corn and another year has soybeans in his fields.

Farmers, like Craig, cooperate with local companies and have field plots to see how different varieties perform. Craig has worked closely with Conserv FS for these particular plots which contain several different varieties. He and other farmers evaluate the field plots and how well each variety does. Then, they make decisions for the next year on which seeds they will grow.

Corn Field Plot

In recent years, a corn plot was planted at the Rice Farm northeast of Waterman. The field plot provided farmers with comparisons in DEKALB corn hybrids and traits.

Soybean Field Plot

This year at the Rice Farm a soybean test plot was planted with Asgrow and other soybean varieties for farmers to compare their performance.